Life Gets Teejus

Early this morning, the temperature was down to 15 degrees. I’m sure it was colder lots of other places but I’m here and not there. There will be no more soaks in the tub until another thaw comes along. Last night is the last one. I was going to let a little of the water out so I could run some hot in and warm it up but, guess what? The tub wouldn’t drain. In spite of the RV antifreeze, the drain is frozen. Shut. Nothing is going through.

I poured some more antifreeze in the sink since the drain is shared. It just came up in the tub. Tonight, I put two cups of rock salt around the drain hoping it will dissolve and melt the ice. That was just a little while ago so I don’t know if it will work yet. If it doesn’t, I’m not going anywhere. Not even if the snow gets off my car and it (the snow, not the car) was sliding today.

At 3:35 this afternoon, it got up to the high for today. 26 degrees. At least I can still flush the commodes.

There isn’t much to report other than what I already have. When I fed the Catz this evening, the black one came to the door so I opened it. He stuck his nose inside, took a whiff and immediately backed away. I don’t think he’s too excited about the Great Indoors. At this point, neither am I.

With my troubles, I’m still blessed. I have to keep reminding myself of that. I’m neither cold nor hungry and I have water to drink. If all else fails, I can shampoo my hair at the kitchen sink. I didn’t do that last night because I don’t like to go to bed with a damp head. The Catz’ food is holding out and the possum probably isn’t hungry, either.

The GOP is losing more candidates. I hear Carly and Chris are out. Kasich is upping his game and hoping to beat the Donald. And the race goes on…

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