The Debate, The Birthday and Super Bowl Sunday

I know not if my sisters watched the debate last night. If they didn’t, they missed it and I don’t know that I can do it justice.

To begin with, Carson didn’t hear his name called so he stood aside while almost everyone else filed onto the stage.

Early on, Christie tied into Rubio and didn’t let up until he was called off by the Debate Rules. Everyone had thought that Jeb would do it but he didn’t have to. Christie did it for him. Rubio kept repeating himself until he sounded like a broken record.

Then there was Cruz’ campaign announcing that Carson had left the race but that brought on an “apology” and Carson accepted it — kind of. You can watch the exchange here if you want.

Trump was called out about “eminent domain”. My ex-husband’s parents were put out of their home because of eminent domain. Where their beautiful old house once stood, there’s a highway. Trump wanted to build a parking lot and tried to force an old woman out of her house and she objected. He was unsuccessful that time but he whined about its being criticized because the people would get (as I recall) “two – three times” what the property was worth. I’m sure he wouldn’t appreciate it if someone tried to railroad him on something.

Kasich was the voice of reason. He was the calmest, most rational one on the stage. I was quite amazed.

I didn’t stay up to watch the spin. It was the last night I would be 71 so I went to bed.

As a member of the Facebook generation, I was happy birthdayed off and on all day. It kept me busy liking and thanking each person. I may have missed some but I don’t think I did.

I was drinking my OJ when the phone rang. The one closest to me was dead as was the other one by the bed. I got the one from the kitchen and called DD back after I ate a banana and answered a call from Cuz wishing me a happy birthday.

DD and her SO were going to Whidbey again today so we talked for about 40 minutes and hung up. Of course, she wished me a happy birthday but she refused to sing.

DS2 and his family surprised me with an Amazon gift card. I was given to understand last year that it was either Christmas or birthday but not both but it was both this year. I totally hadn’t expected it.

DS1 called this afternoon and actually sang to me. It was almost time for the Super Bowl to start so he didn’t talk long.

Last week, I got an end table and some black garlic from DD. They were both on my wish list. The gift card DS1 and his gave me plus the one I got this morning will enable me to quite nicely feed my Amazon addiction. My sisters and my niece sent me ecards.

I tried to watch the Super Bowl. Really I did. When DS2 called me, it was half time. I switched over to that and watched about two minutes of it. Guess I’m old, for sure. It did nothing for me.

Earlier, I heard the commentators raving about Lady Gaga and her rendition of the National Anthem so I looked it up. I do wish someone, sometime would get up and SING the National Anthem without trying to PERFORM it. It’s a spectacular song in its own right and, if done well, it can make me have goose bumps. There was nothing goose-bumpy about Lady Gaga in her glittery pantsuit and equally glittery eye shadow.

I know people are wondering what I did to make today special. For dessert at supper, I had a pod of durian. That was amazing and something I rarely indulge in.

The Broncos won the Super Bowl beating the Panthers quite handily 24-10. Now we can all rest until next year. I guess.

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