And Then There Was Another One

Yesterday was a different kind of Friday. I’d done personal laundry on Thursday but I still had to strip the bed, wash the sheets and pillowcase and put them back on. Cuz thought I should get another set of sheets but it’s easier to do it this way and I don’t have to fold and put away. I learned that from DH’s niece.

I took a bath and, along about 1:30, I headed to town to meet DS1, my DIL and my granddaughter. We had a date at the local Mexican restaurant that will soon be moving to larger quarters. I had the #15, the Burrito Plato, veggie variety. It was good but I would just as soon have had a bean burrito. DS1 told me we can go somewhere else next year if I’m still alive. Well, I added that last part. I guess they’re getting tired of that particular place. I brought half of the burrito, most of the rice, lettuce and pico home.

Since DS1 had practice with the male group he sings with, they had to head on back. I’d been to Walmart twice during the week so I came home.

After messaging back and forth with my roommate, I got to bed about 10. I was up shortly after the timer timed. Breakfast was fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, half an avocado and the rest of the rice, lettuce and pico. I took one bite of the burrito and it was better fresh so it went in the compost.

I was the second person at the church. The first one was the audio guy and he was about frozen. He told me the heater in his car doesn’t work. The man needs a key to the church. He gets there first and has to wait for someone to open the door.

It was warm when we went in but it soon cooled off. I don’t know if it’s set to warm up and then the system shuts down or what but by the time Sabbath School was almost over I was just about an ice cube, myself. I had to go to the bathroom and it was even colder than the sanctuary. I may have to take some time off from playing until the weather warms up. I already dress warmly but sitting still in a room that cold is more than my poor ailing body can handle. I wished and wished I had my heavy winter coat but I’d worn my lighter one.

At one point, I had a coughing spell. Normally, I would go out to keep from disturbing the others but I didn’t. It was too cold in the bathroom to stand there, shiver and cough. When I went potty, I didn’t touch anything and used a piece of toilet paper to flush and didn’t wash my hands. I’m a stickler for hand-washing but I didn’t do it today.

There was a DVD for church and it was L O N G. It was interesting but it was after 2 when I got home. I’d taken some treats for Genese but I couldn’t handle doing anything else. My feet were like two chunks of ice and it took almost three hours for them to thaw out. If the bathroom had been warm, I would have soaked in the tub but by the time it would have warmed up, I was finally comfortable.

My second meal of the day was leftovers. I had soup from day before yesterday along with half a sandwich from the same time. Then I spied the Daiya shreds I’d taken to the restaurant yesterday so I put them on a half slice of bread and toasted it. YUMMY!

Well, tonight is another debate. My sisters want me to watch them and keep them informed since (it’s said) they can’t watch. Far as I know, the one tonight is on ABC and they get ABC. And now one of them asked what time it is so maybe she’ll watch, after all. It isn’t long now…

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