Yet Another Town Hall

Last night was rainy and windy. So much so that the church side of the mountain and the valley had downed trees and other damage. Early this afternoon, the doorbell rang. It was Cuz. She’d received a distress call this morning and had been in the valley replacing shingles that had blown off a roof. That was after she’d been joyfully thinking she didn’t have to go anywhere today. Life is what happens…

She came in and we had a good, long visit. We caught up on everything we’d missed during the intervening weeks. On her way out, she took the compost bucket and emptied it. It was full to overflowing. I gave her a couple of avocados to take to my CIL.

Today was the day I was told to get back to AT&T billing about my account. After I went through all the red tape to get to chat with a person about it, PerryG told me he wasn’t the one who could give me a new promotion. However, he did give me a credit of $28.50 to tide me over until someone can contact me.

At one point, I guess he could sense my frustration. He typed, “Please allow me some moment so that I can go ahead to reach to your satisfaction.” I would love to see who I was chatting with. AND know what country he’s working from. When we finally wound up the chat, I told him, “You have a good evening or whatever time of day it is where you are.”

Tonight is the Democratic Town Hall. It will be on CNN. Starting at 9, I don’t know how long it’s supposed to go on. Since Martin retrieved his hat from the ring, it will just be Bernie and Hillary.

Looking at the final numbers for the Demos in Iowa is a bit puzzling. Hillary, 49.9%, Bernie, 49.6% and Martin, .6%. Doesn’t that add up to more than 100% or is that Common Core math?

Oh! Ted Cruz is embroiled in yet another controversy. Someone in his campaign office sent out a notice that since Ben Carson is dropping out (he isn’t), those voters should come over to Ted. I’m disappointed by the tricks they are employing. The notice they sent out before the caucus detailing voters’ “records” was pretty low. And, after Trump made a gracious speech conceding the win to Cruz, he’s being labeled a “sore loser”. Maybe he is since he’s saying Cruz “stole” Iowa. Come on, people! Things don’t have to get ugly.

I’m getting this done early or I won’t get it done at all. Tomorrow night is the Democratic debate. If all this is tiring me out, I shudder to think what it’s doing to the candidates.

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