On to New Hampshire

Last night was another late one. I stayed up to watch the numbers rise and fall. Early on, it became apparent that the Donald wasn’t faring that well in Iowa. When all was said and done, he came in second which wouldn’t have been a bad finish except he had predicted running away with the votes. Rubio finished a respectable third.

Martin decided it was time for him to cut his losses and leave the race. Bless his heart. He came in with less than 1% of the delegates. Hillary ended up with 49.9%, Bernie with 49.6% and Martin with .5%. Talk about winning by a nose!

I mosied over to CNNgo and watched the live stream. It was evident Ted was reading off note cards which was a bit distracting. When the Clintons emerged, the feed cut away from Ted and went to them. Hillary made a rousing speech without looking down once and a friend said later she had “a fire in her belly”. She didn’t claim victory and Bernie made an equally rousing speech later where he said they were in a virtual tie. Whoever was writing the labels (not the closed captioning) typed something about a “virutal” tie. It was only up a few seconds and was redone almost immediately.

My roommate and I were private messaging about the whole affair and were watching the same things at the same time. She said, “it is so cool to be sharing this with you….almost like being together.” And that was true.

Today was the last day for 29 cents a lub bananas and 49 cent avocados so I took a bath and got ready to go to town. There were rain showers in the forecast but when I left, the sun was shining brightly. I had a half a tank of gas but I took advantage of the nice weather to go ahead and fill it up.

On leaving Walmart, the sky had clouded up but there was no rain. Yet.

Turning in at home, I was surprised to see the van over at Cuz’ house. Thinking she might come over, I left the door unlocked. Next time I looked out, she was gone. Later, she texted me that she’d run out of time but she’d be back soon for a visit.

I bought a supply of store brand Tums looking forward to the day I have to get off the Nexium. I’m really dreading those nine days. I haven’t been without a PPI for more than two years. When I first started taking omeprazole, I took it for 14 days as the directions said and stopped. Instead of getting long term relief, the acid started back again. That happened more than once so I gave up and have been taking a PPI daily ever since.

Thinking I’d go out to the car and get the sales slip for the gas, I went to the bathroom first. The rain hitting the vent made me rethink so I took the figures I could remember and calculated my mileage right at 40 mpg. I THINK the gas was something like $1.82 a gallon. If I had to drive every day, that would be great. As it is, it makes little difference to me in the long run. I can be happy for everyone else. Then again, the low gas prices knocked me out of a COLA this year.

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