A-Caucusing We’ll Go!

Well, not here but in Iowa. The crowds are turning out for a rousing night of caucusing. I’ve never paid this much attention to an election cycle before but this is nothing like it has been in years past. For one thing, I don’t know that live-streaming of debates was available before. If it was, I didn’t have a fast enough connection to make it possible to watch. At any rate, I’m keeping up now and I guess that’s what matters?

This morning, my nurse friend asked if I needed her to shoot me. I told her there was no use for her to drop what she was doing and come over here to do something I can do myself. I think I’ll go back to my sort-of original schedule of Tuesdays.

It was another warm one. The Catz didn’t eat all of their breakfast so I didn’t put out any more food this evening. The black one has decided he likes to be petted. When I’d be petting another of the Catz, he’d be right there and if I didn’t pay enough attention to him, he’d paw at my hand. There’s no way I can get within 10 feet of the long-haired gray one, though. It’s still too wild.

DS1 called to confirm our dinner date to celebrate my birthday. It isn’t going to take place on The Day but that’s okay.

Well, I have no idea how long the caucusing will go on. I think I’ll use the time to do something besides watch the numbers go up and down.

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