The First Visit

The odor had dissipated somewhat when the doorbell rang. I was doing my Body Test with the Wii so I finished up before I answered it. BTW, my Wii Fit Age was 20. Anyway, it was the House Sitter and I invited her in. She needed her computer — I’d wondered when she was going to come after it — so she came in and asked me what I was doing. I explained and she wanted me to show her. Too bad. She’d already missed it. No more until tomorrow morning.

She was prepared to take the computer over to Cuz’ house. Cuz had texted she’d feed the Catz since she was here to work on the water heater. I told the HS she could work on the computer here if she wanted. She did want so she went back and got all of her paperwork she needed.

While she computed, I ate breakfast and had my quiet time. After that, we visited off and on and I showed her a few things computer-wise. She decided she’d go check on Cuz and that was my cue to jump in the shower.

When I got ready to leave at 1 o’clock, she had been back for awhile. I told her she could stay here and just lock the door on her way out but she insisted on leaving when I did.

Cuz and her twin brother were standing in the driveway talking but I had places to go and people to see so I backed out and blew “Shave and a Haircut” on the horn.

I did so dread the drive to see the surgeon. Last night wasn’t a good one. I didn’t go to sleep until after 2 a.m. and I’d been up since 8:30. It was up to me to get there, though, so I forged ahead.

Stopping in town, I got the $3 refund check from Silk cashed and hit the road again. I’d left in plenty of time and, after winding around, I found the building that houses the physician group. Going in, I found that the surgeon’s office is on the other side of the building so I had to get back on the street to pull around.

The common seating area is quite large and it was mostly empty. I filled out the paperwork and was told to go through the door by the desk and to another waiting room. The centerpiece there is a large display cabinet housing many surgical instruments. Some of them are downright scary and some look like ones a mechanic would use on a car.

Several people were called before I was but I was shown to the scales and the exam room maybe 20 minutes after my appointment time. The nurse told me the doctor would be right in. He wasn’t. It was probably between another 5-10 minutes before he joined me.

He greeted me and shook my hand. I’d looked him up on the Internet so I already knew what he looks like. He went right to the subject at hand and asked me why I have come to the conclusion that I have acid reflux. I explained that, since I am on PPIs and have been since my gallbladder surgery more than two years ago, it isn’t necessarily acid at this point but it’s still reflux. I told him my symptoms and what the pulmonologist suspects — that I’ve had silent reflux for years.

I’d taken my printouts from the endoscopies and he was glad to get them. The ones that had been faxed were black and white, of course, and mine were in color. I mentioned I’d had a barium swallow, too, but the pulmonologist had ordered it so it wasn’t part of the records he’d been sent.

After he digested all the information, he said he wanted me to do two things. One, he would write an order for a barium swallow I could have done at my local hospital. Two, he wanted me to do a 48 hour pH probe test. I think it’s supposed to be the BRAVO but I can’t say for sure.

The nurse gave me directions to the outpatient procedure building where the probe will be inserted so I drove by. She also told me where to go to pre-register. When I got to the pre-registration building (yes, it has its own building), the lady at the desk took my papers the nurse had given me and I sat down to wait for the next registrar. The lady kept the envelope and I wish I’d asked for it back since it had the appointment date and time on it. I remember the date but I’m unsure of the time. I know it’s either 6:15 or 6:30. Awfully early but I can manage that once in a blue moon.

The registrar was a nice young girl that looked about 12. Actually, she looked older than that but she still looked very young. She did her part quickly and efficiently, I signed the papers and she gave me a thick sheaf to bring home. I just looked at them and it is the BRAVO.

I’m to stop taking my PPIs a week before the procedure and not take them during the 48 hours. I dread that time because I’ve heard about acid “rebound” and it isn’t pretty. He wanted me to do it fairly soon but I begged off because I don’t want it anywhere close to my birthday. He understood. I don’t know when DS1 and his will be up for our annual birthday Mexican restaurant feast since it falls on a Sunday this year and that’s one of his work days.

Leaving all the medical buildings behind, I drove home. My appointment was at 3 TT and I got home a little before 5. Not bad. Not bad AT all!

Cuz called a little while ago to find out what had happened at the doctor’s office and said “no problem” when I told her I’d need a driver.

I’ve had supper and am going to watch the debate tonight. As I was coming home, someone on the radio commented there would be more oxygen in the room without the Donald there. It should give SOMEbody time to shine.

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