That Stinks

Last night, the pan I had on the burner to keep the air humidified went dry. I’d put some citric acid in the water since it had a buildup of lime deposits. The acid was thick on the bottom of the pan and caramelized. I just knew I was going to have to throw the whole mess in the trash but I figured I would try putting more acid in it and boiling it some more. That did the trick. It softened up the “caramel” and was easy to clean. Now, I have a bright, sparkling pan.

That isn’t all I have. The mess burning in the first place gave off a terrible odor. I don’t have a lot of Stuff to combat odors but the bottle of Febreze had just a bit in the bottom so I squirted it around. Bad idea. The combination of the burned acid and the Febreze makes the whole place smell like pee. Not pleasant. Even in Twinkle’s heyday, the house never smelled this bad.

On to more pleasant (maybe) things. I finished up with the links on the Bible Gateway version of lesson 6 and uploaded everything I’d corrected.

I fed Catz and watched the most timid melting away into the gloom because she saw the Interloper coming. I wish she’d get a shot of courage but I can’t tell her to since I don’t talk Feline. It is so disheartening to put the food out for the animals that are supposed to have it and then it be taken over by another that doesn’t belong. That’s its nature and I can’t blame it for that but I can blame its owner for not keeping it home and well-fed.

I mentioned gloom but that was more of a metaphor than reality. Today was a beautiful day with sunshine. Tomorrow is to be more of the same with temperatures in the low to mid-50s. That’s what it’s supposed to be in the valley. It won’t get that warm here but it will definitely be warmer than it was last week.

Guess I’d better wind this up and get to bed. THEY say a person can’t catch up on lost sleep but I made a dent last night if I can. It was 12 hours from when I went to bed until I got up. I sure felt better today than I did yesterday.

BTW, don’t forget the debate tomorrow night! Fox News has issued a statement about Trump refusing to be on the stage. You can read it here. I salute them for their stance. He may be rich (ranked at the 405th spot) but he can’t push them around.

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