The Day After the Day Before

I had private messaged my nurse friend and said I didn’t know where she was or what her plans were but I could shoot myself. Later in the day, she let me know she was home. Her mother had fallen down a flight of stairs so she’d traveled to Texas to be with her. The day after she got back, her husband fell on the ice and broke his hip. Yesterday, they’d just gotten back from his being discharged from the hospital when they got stuck in the driveway. He had to walk with a walker the last 50 feet or so. He made it okay. Tough man!

Cuz had texted wanting to know if there was anything I wanted her to pick up from ALDI. I needed oranges but Walmart’s are better so I told her no. It was afternoon before she came by with a 30 lub bag of Kit & Kaboodle. The Catz won’t go hungry now.

She visited and, presently, the House Sitter came over. She had her computer with her. Setting it up, she showed me how her browser had been hijacked by Safe Search. There was all sorts of stuff on it that wasn’t there when I’d given it back to her. She thought it came from when we had installed one of her games on it and maybe it did.

After they left, I started the cleaning job. I installed MalwareBytes and it found 33 PUPS. Doing away with all of them helped but I still couldn’t get rid of Safe Search. I’m not sure how I was ultimately able to do away with it but I did. I’ve done some more tweaking. I don’t know when she’ll come back for it.

I took my bath before I settled in to watch the Democratic Town Hall. I watched the whole thing and I pretty much had to agree with the panel that followed. Bernie is charismatic, Hillary is ready and Martin is nice.

I’d been so sleepy after my bath that I had to keep fighting dozing off. Guess I did too good a job because I couldn’t go to sleep after the town hall and panel discussion. I heard the clock strike 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. I got up and took my morning meds and went back to bed. The clock struck 8 and that was the last thing I knew until 11:30.

When I did finally get up, I cleaned the distiller that had been soaking with citric acid all night. Then I did breakfast after noon and made ready to go to town.

Feeling like I’d been drug through a knothole, I really didn’t feel like going but today was the last day to get navel oranges 4 lubs for $1.99. I think the price without matching was over $5 but I’m not certain. I got a couple of grapefruit for 33 cents, too.

My soup still hadn’t come when I pulled into the driveway. I did all the unloading and putting away and checked tracking. It said it had been delivered. I just KNEW it had been left at the wrong address but when I looked out, there the package sat on the deck.

Supper was soup followed by an artichoke. I went ahead and cooked both ‘chokes and will have the other tomorrow.

The heater is on in the bathroom. Soon, I’ll see if it’s warm enough. I’ve been working on the current lessons. The HTML person is already involved in the next quarter’s so I’m doing the cleanup work, as per usual.

Trump has trumpeted that he won’t be participating in the next debate. That’s okay. There are too many people on the stage, anyway. One less will be a good thing.

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