Thanksgiving in January

When I went to bed, I couldn’t flush the commodes AND the water coming into the house had frozen. I knew it wouldn’t last forever but it still wasn’t a happy place.

This morning, everything was as I’d left it. I had enough soaking water and water I’d salvaged from trying to raise the humidity to fill the distiller so, for the first time, I didn’t use water as it comes from the tap. I knew there would be a difference in the time it took to run it through but I didn’t know it would be twice as long. I’ll have to clean it out tomorrow.

Along about noon, I heard something in the kitchen. I went in and, lo! water was coming out of the kitchen faucet! I turned it off, went to the master bath and tried all the faucets in there. All was well except for, perhaps, the hot water line at the tub. It sputtered and spit for a few seconds and then settled down. The pressure was good so I turned it off and went on to the other bathroom.

I didn’t let it run long, but all of the pipes checked out there. When I pulled the curtain back on the tub, I was reminded that, when the septic tank line freezes, if there’s any overflow, it goes into the tub. YUCK! I’d leave that for another time.

DD called and we were on the phone for right at an hour. Things with both of us are sort of a status quo so there was nothing exciting on either side to report except I have water!!

Sometime after we hung up, I went to the bathroom and it looked as if the contents of the commode had gone down. I turned the water on and, sure enough, it would flush. I got out the toilet bowl cleaner and cleaned it up. Since I’d been putting in a few drops of Sol-U-Mel periodically, I got a couple of packages of yeast and flushed them. I can get a three-strip at ALDI for 85 cents.

The Catz and the Interloper hung around on the deck all day. I had a half a container of food. The steps at Cuz’ house were still covered with snow and I figured hungry Catz were better than a broken hip. I gave them the little tad of food and they licked it up, no problem. Remembering the two cans of Fancy Feast, I opened them and put the contents in a communal pan. Cutting it into eight pieces, I set it out and some of the Catz were right there to welcome it.

Cuz is supposed to come by tomorrow. I hope she has a bigger bag of food this time. These 18 lub bags get gone ‘way too quickly, even if the Catz aren’t enthusiastic about the taste.

My nose has been running and it’s getting sore from being wiped. I think it was the low humidity that can be blamed. It’s on its way back at 33%.

With everything operational again, life is looking up.

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