Minor Problems

Still no way to drain the tub or flush the commodes but those are minor inconveniences compared to what some parts of the country are facing. Parts of North Carolina could see 15″ of snow by the weekend according to this:

When the BLUE BOX OF DOOM has purple in it, that is not good. This winter storm is going to really kick some butt…

Posted by West Georgia Weather Inc. on Wednesday, January 20, 2016

My area falls within the dark blue. My sisters are in the purple. All I can say is, “BOOSH!”

The Monday appointment with the surgeon has been canceled and I’ve sent a private message to the pianist via her sister that I won’t be at church. It will be the first week I’ve missed since I started back as orgaster but I don’t think anyone would want me there since my last bath was Tuesday. I don’t even own any perfume to douse myself.

One of my Facebook friends lives on beyond me. She had to take her husband to the airport today. She said the highway on my side of the mountain is passable if you don’t get close to the yellow or white lines. She said a car had flipped when they were on their way out. She has to go to town on the other side of the mountain tomorrow and offered to bring me whatever I need. I don’t think she can buy warmer weather so I thanked her for asking.

Hot & Sour SoupFor years, literally, I have been looking for Companion Hot & Sour Soup. The university supermarket used to stock it but they don’t any more. Even after I’ve requested it, they can’t get it. When I was at the Asian market, I asked about it. The man told me that, sadly, their distributor was phasing out Companion foods altogether. Since I’ve ordered in the past, FakeMeats sends me emails about specials, etc. This morning, they were introducing their new line of Companion foods and the first product pictured was my soup! I immediately sat down and ordered a supply. Until then, I was kind of down in the dumps but the prospect of my favorite canned soup perked me up.

When I fed the Catz, the black one was trying to horn in on another Catz’ territory. I petted him and tapped on the railing where there was an empty seat at the table. He obligingly moved. I think he’s getting so he likes to be petted.

That’s about all the excitement I’ve had today. I’ve flushed the commode in the big bathroom a couple of times but it rises up and then very slowly goes down. Most of it just goes to the other commode. I have the water turned off to that one since it leaks.

I’ve eaten lightly today since I didn’t want a repeat of yesterday’s performance. When I did my Wii Fit Body Test this morning, I’d lost 1.1 lub.

Cuz would tell me to go to their house and take a bath or whatever I wanted to do but I’ve told her it’s too much like moving. Besides, if I fell and broke a hip, who would know?

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