Why, Why, WHY??

Yesterday, I got a carton of gumbo out of the freezer and the bag of freekeh that had been hanging around for months. With the wintry mix coming in, I was going to have a cold weather meal.

As I already said, I was beginning to feel a bit on the puny side. Itchy eyes, scratchy throat and a headache. The gumbo should do me good, right? WRONG!

When I went to bed, I had ‘way more reflux than usual. I was coughing until I couldn’t sleep. Start to nod off and here would come another paroxysm.

I remembered people sometimes take baking soda for heartburn so I decided to try it. Not having any experience with it, I decided I’d google it and find out how much soda to how much water.

At 11:51, my roommate had messaged me on Facebook.

I sure hope you will be able to sleep tonight and will stay warm.

At 3:27, I messaged back

Have hardly slept at all. I got up to take some baking soda. I’ve never done it so I had to read up on it. I took maybe a quarter teaspoon in about a cup of water. Earlier, it felt like my lungs were on fire. This is no way to live.

Well, the baking soda did the trick. It calmed everything down and I was able to get maybe four hours sleep before I got up and took my morning meds. I went back to bed and slept another couple of hours.

When I went in to use the bathroom and flushed the commode, my fears were realized. The line to the septic tank had frozen and nothing was going anywhere. I’ve been washing my hands and brushing my teeth in that bathroom but the water goes into the septic tank. Until it thaws, the only place that will drain the water that runs in is the kitchen sink.

Washing my hands in the kitchen, I got ready to eat breakfast. I juiced three oranges (they’re small) and after that, I had a banana. Later, I had half an avocado and a cup of Dandy Blend with coconut sugar and some Silk holiday nog.

I sat down at the computer to start my quiet time when I started feeling worse. I leaned back and closed my eyes. I broke out in a cold sweat and I knew what that meant. Getting up quickly, I headed for the master bath. That’s when my breakfast came up. With no way to flush the commode, I decided that one would be for up-chucking and the other one for everything else.

Along about 3 o’clock, I went back to bed and took an hour nap.

I’ve had water and baked a couple of peeled potatoes for supper. They were very small and had started turning green. I have yet to figure out where I can store potatoes away from the light. I also had a piece of dry toast.

Cuz and I have texted today. When I told her about the frozen septic tank line and the drain lines, she couldn’t believe it. She’d worked long and hard last summer to try to prevent such but it happened, anyway.

So…it never fails. When bad weather hits, I get puny and my comforts of modern life are taken away by sub-freezing temperatures. And the only thing that will fix the latter is the Big Thaw and who knows when that will happen here?

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