If Brevity Is the Soul of Wit

this will be its very essence. When I took my bath today, I found that the way out is frozen. So…the water will come in but it won’t go out. There was a hint of trouble with the septic tank line. I haven’t been tempted to test it.

I woke with itchy eyes and an itchy throat and they’ve been joined by a headache. In spite of that, I went to town and got the few things I needed.

DD’s Christmas present to me came and I took pictures but you’ll have to wait until I feel more human to post them.

I did shoot myself in the leg so that much is done.

My cough is so bad tonight, it’s hard to type at times.

There was evidence the salt trucks had been out spraying the road when I came home. Which reminds me — I was supposed to go to my appointment with the surgeon tomorrow but with the promise of bad weather, I rescheduled. I hope I feel better when the time comes.

And that’s about all I have the energy to write.

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