Updates? What Updates?

Every time I log into WordPress lately, I’m met with the icon that says I have updates to install. When I go to the update page, nine times out of ten, nothing is listed. I’d ask merm about it but she probably wouldn’t know the reason, either.

When I went to take my evening soak last night, the bathroom was too cool for comfort. I turned the water on to keep it from freezing, left the heater on and did my version of what Mother would call a “spit bath” in the warm bathroom. I got my feet good and toasty, filled the hot water bottle and went to bed.

About 1:30 a.m., I got up and checked the temperature. It was 14 degrees. Even though I’d left the heaters on high, It was getting much cooler in my living quarters. I turned more heat on and went back to bed. When I got up to stay up, I checked min/max on the thermometer and it had gotten down to 12 degrees as the low. Tonight, it’s “only” supposed to get down to 28 in the valley.

I almost forgot to shoot myself. My nurse friend had a family emergency so she couldn’t do it and doesn’t know when she’ll be able to again. That’s okay. Drawing up the goosh is a piece of cake with the large vial. The only other obstacle is me. I still don’t like sticking that needle in my leg but I suck it up and do it.

Mid-morning, I struggled to get the bag of Meow Mix open. Cuz had brought it last Friday. Her construction partner had bought it. If they get any more, I hope they open it for me, too. I filled the container, put on my coat and scarf and opened the door. No Catz were in sight. I looked over at the house and, sure enough, the van was there. Later, I texted Cuz and asked her if she’d fed the Catz and she said yes. No matter. When I opened the door, five of them were lined up, looking pitiful. I ignored their baleful looks and shut the door.

Later on this afternoon, I did feed them again. It takes extra energy for them during this cold weather. People say, if it’s too cold outside for me, it’s too cold for the animals. Well, even if I invited them in, most would say no thanks and the one or two that might come in wouldn’t want to stay.

The bathroom was warm tonight so I’ve had a good soak and cleansing ritual. I’m sleepy so I think it’s time.

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  1. Joanie January 12, 2016 at 11:53 pm #

    I find it pretty ridiculous for people to say that “if it’s too cold for you, it’s too cold for the animals.” If that were true, there would be a lot more extinct animals than there are! There are exceptions,of course… non-native animals, or animals that have always been kept inside, or animals that aren’t provided any shelter and can’t get to any due to being fenced up or tied. Otherwise… our creator has already provided for them and it is pretty arrogant of us to think we can do better for them than He can. Just my opinion!

    • Tommie January 13, 2016 at 2:28 am #

      I know! There are some pretty pitiful-looking animal memes on Facebook, though. Cuz has a place fixed in the garage where the Catz can get in and congregate. I imagine they make a giant fur-ball and keep warm. Their coats are pretty thick, too. Now, a little chihuahua is a bit different…

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