Wintry Weather

After warming up the bathroom, I didn’t soak. It was late and I’d warmed my hands under hot-ish water. I wrapped my feet in the blanket Cuz gave me for Christmas and I was nice and toasty by the time I went to bed. The bathroom is warming tonight and I’ll not only soak — I’ll cleanse my body.

When I looked out this morning, I was greeted by this:

Powdered Sugar

A little more fell after that was taken but the flakes were so fine, I couldn’t see them.

Facebook reminded me of what we had five years ago today. There was this picture of Cuz’ house

My neighbors' house

and this one of my car. I didn’t go to work.

A Honda marshmallow

The next day was when I saw the car sliding sideways down the mountain road so I didn’t go in then, either.

During the same week, the water froze. I did eventually make it to work on Friday. I hadn’t had a shower for days so I was shown to an empty room where I took advantage of the running water.

When Sabbath came, I was feeling pretty rough so I didn’t go to church. That afternoon, the water thawed and there were no burst pipes.

As for today, DD and I had our Sunday visit for a little less than an hour and a half. She told me my sister’s house had sold for the second time in a year. I guess someone bought it and flipped it. It’s been remodeled extensively, to the point my sister in NC didn’t recognize it as being the same house. I wonder what the previous owner would think…

One of the girls at church needed help setting up a PayPal account so we went back and forth on private messages on Facebook until she got ‘er done.

I’ve worn my coat to feed the Catz. Currently, it’s 17 degrees. Guess I should leave water running and the heat on in the bathroom. I hate to see winter come but it must so spring can make its entrance.

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