Home Invasion

After a good night’s sleep, I woke at a more reasonable hour. It was whizzin’ cold so I put on my coat to go out and feed the Catz. The black one is always present and was with the crowd when I opened the door. He wasn’t vying for a place at the table, though, and I wondered where he’d disappeared to. I turned around to come inside and there he was, peering through the glass in the storm door. In the few seconds the door was open, he’d made a dash for it. Since he’s still a bit on the skittish side, I would have thought any of the other older Catz would be trying that instead of him. I’ve been invaded.

My PCP still hadn’t made a peep about a new prescription for my thyroid med so I called Walmart to see if he’d faxed one in. No, but there was one on hold from October. I had no idea that one was there. The woman said my insurance didn’t want to pay for a three month supply and it was $10. I told her I don’t have coverage for prescriptions — that I always pay cash. She said she could activate it and it would be ready for pickup in a couple of hours. WOOHOO! Praise the Lord! There’s no other explanation for it. It’s never happened before. Who knew a prescription in October would be needed in January?

I did all my morning duties and my body test (I tested at a Wii Fit Age of 20 for the third day in a row).

I’d been messaging with my academy roommate about upgrading to Windows 10. She had 8.1 and said her daughter was going to walk her through the upgrade. I told her it wasn’t hard to do. It’s like a Windows update, though a bit more detailed. She finally took the plunge yesterday and messaged me late last night that she’d done it all by herself! I told her now she’s a nerd! I sent her the link for more themes (I believe in a pretty computer) but I don’t know if she’s downloaded any. I put a bunch on the House Sitter’s computer but it will probably have the one I selected five years from now.

This afternoon, I put on my coat (still chilly) and Went Forth to Shop. I don’t like for the fuel indicator to drop much below 1/4 tank so a fill up was necessary. For the first time in a long time, 100% gas was less than $2 a gallon. From there, I went to the used food store. Opting for a basket over a cart, I wished later I’d made a different choice. I found some good bargains. They have Full Circle Organic Blue Corn Chips for ‘way less than I paid at Bi-Lo. When I looked for them at Food City, they were nowhere to be found. I got some pumpkin spice almond nog and tried it after supper. It’s okay but there’s not much flavor to it. That’s the Silk. I got some So Delicious coconut pumpkin spice, too. I’ll try it when this is gone.

My facial tissues (that I use to blow my nose) were getting low so I stopped at the Dollar Tree to restock. It was on to Walmart from there.

For the first time ever, there wasn’t a line at the pharmacy counter. I paid for my prescriptions and was directed to the window where I was to consult with the pharmacist. Since these were two “new” prescriptions, I had to be counseled. I let her know I’ve been taking one for years and the other for six months.

Gathering up my purchases, I went to check out. I presented my printout for price match and the cashier had to take it to get a second opinion. I think she couldn’t read the small print stating the 4 lub bags of navel oranges were $1.99. That was a considerable saving over the $4.78 (I think) regular price. I got four bags.

The Catz were congregated on the deck when I got home. I skirted them and got all the unloading done before I fed them. No one tried to bolt inside this time.

When I went into the kitchen to pour my glass of water, there were my vitamins et al from this morning. I took them with the pumpkin spice later. I always take them with my Dandy Blend. I had it but I didn’t complete the mission.

Everything is put away and I’ve been messaging with my roommate and emailing my sister. The Wounded One went to the doctor today. The brace is still on her left arm. The right arm has a lighter cast but it isn’t as comfortable as the other one was. She’s to go back in another three weeks. Surely by then, the cast/brace will come off.

I’m sorta tired. Besides what I’ve listed, I’ve put about 2.5 miles on my pedometer. And now I lay me down to sleep…

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