Mixed Signals

Often, when I get ready to blog, WordPress will show there’s an update ready but when I click on it, it says it’s up to date, my plugins are up to date and my themes are up to date. All future updates to WordPress will be applied automatically. So why does it lie??

Today has been a beautiful day. A tad bit on the cool side but beautiful. I’d thought all the warm days we’ve had would lower my power bill and maybe it did but when I opened it (it was in the mailbox yesterday), it was something like $170. Wonder what it will be when cold weather really hits?

When DD called, I was just getting around to drinking my OJ so I told her I’d call her back. When I did, we talked for almost an hour. Daughters are nice. They pay attention. Sons assume you’re okay unless they hear otherwise.

I’ll have to call tomorrow and see if my thyroid med should be changed. I have a little over a week’s worth of caplets but I don’t want to run out.

Not much has happened today. The Catz were congregated on the deck whenever I opened the door. The black cat is getting used to me and will come close when food is on the agenda. I’ve been able to pet him a few times when he’s been preoccupied with eating.

My academy roommate thought she might get brave enough to upgrade to Windows 10 tonight. I got a 64 GB SD card on sale from Amazon and I plan to transfer everything I want to keep to it and do a clean install of 10. Time will tell when I get a round tuit.

I really need to get to bed. Tomorrow is the day I get shot and, this trip, I’ll get my finger stuck, too. A finger stick A1C is supposed to be accurate. I hope I’ve metabolized the sugar okay. I don’t need another malady to deal with.

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