A Belated Happy New Year

I was awake when the New Year rolled in but there weren’t any fireworks. I guess the other night was an early celebration.

Yesterday was just another day in my household. Since the first of the month and Friday landed on the same day, it was definitely time to flip/rotate the mattress. It wasn’t easy but I got ‘er done. All’s good until February 5. That would have been my mother-in-law’s 111th birthday had she lived. Talk about a ripe old age!

My New Year’s feast was as planned. I’d also made some tapioca pudding with the rest of the strange almond nog, coconut milk and cashew milk. I’d cut the sugar from 2/3 cup to 1/2 cup and it still could have been cut more. I had some today, though, and it wasn’t terribly sweet. I guess sitting overnight in the fridge mellowed it out somewhat.

The weather has turned wintry again but, thanks to the blanket Cuz gave me, I have an extra blanket on my bed and I slept warm. Again thanks to it, I’m warm enough sitting where I am with the temperature a chilly 64.7 degrees. I think I’ll leave the heat turned up tonight. The low is supposed to be 28 in the valley and it’s already that here.

I surely did hate to get up this morning. The car was covered with frost and it wasn’t nearly as nice out from under the covers. It was tempting to stay home but I was expected at the organ so I got ready and went.

On Sabbath, I always pray that I’ll do well with my playing and not be a distraction. Well, it seems I needed to be taken down a notch or three because some of the songs that were picked out aren’t easy to play on the organ. It would be easier to count the notes I hit that were right than the ones that were wrong. In spite of that, one of the ladies let me know how much she enjoys my playing. Maybe my booboos were corrected on the way from the organ to the ears?

I had to go out during the Sabbath School lesson and have a coughing episode. I think the ladies’ bathroom is soundproof enough that no one heard me.

The sermon was a DVD and I could understand most of it. It was very good and inspirational. It was also quite long so the closing song was only two verses of yet another tricky song to play. Of course, the pianist and I played it through twice for the postlude.

When I got in the car following the service, one of the women came over and asked if I weren’t staying for lunch. No, I planned to go home and cough. I really had started feeling kind of rough.

The Catz met me and were clamoring for food. They’d already been fed so I came on in, changed clothes, drank my water and collapsed. I dozed quite a bit in Mother’s chair.

After I ate leftovers from yesterday, I felt better. Could be I was suffering from Barney’s malady — “low sugar blood”. After all, my breakfast was a grapefruit, juiced, a persimmon and a small piece of toast with 1/3 avocado. Playing the organ takes a bit of energy.

I fed the Catz not long before sundown. The days are getting longer, I can tell. Three weeks ago, sunset was at 5:27 and it was 5:39 today. The end of this month, it will be 6:04. It takes some time for the days to get longer morning-wise but that will start happening in three weeks from now.

Well, you’ve been educated and I’m tired. I’m going to call it a day. Speaking of calling, I tried to phone DS2 and wish him a happy birthday yesterday but the voice mailbox was full. His voice mail hasn’t been set up on his phone and he didn’t answer so I texted him and he texted back. Such is communication these days. I’d sent him an ecard with a gift card and he picked it up. I know that because I got a confirmation from American Greetings. Oh, and he sent me a thank you ecard. Actually, that was probably my DIL. He’s not much on electronic gadgets.

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