All Done

After trying to sleep in Mother’s chair, I gave it up for a bad job and went to bed a little after 2 a.m. It isn’t quite so warm in here tonight. The humidity is still 71% but the temperature has cooled off a bit to 69.6 degrees. Woohoo.

I’d pretty much finished up the House Sitter’s computer last night but I always have some finishing touches I want to do. When I checked it, some more updates had been installed during the night. I texted Cuz and told her I needed the HS’s Google password. I knew what her user name was but I was without that one small piece of information. The phone rang and it was HS. She didn’t know what her password was. We tried several different ones with no luck.

Finally clicking on “Can’t remember password” (or however Google phrases it), here came a message that a code would be sent to the phone with the number ending in “30”. She said she didn’t have that phone any more.

After going through everything but back flips, I convinced Google to send instructions on how to reset her password to her email address. She entrusted me with the password and we were off. I put in the new pwd she specified and, all of a sudden, the browser changed! There were all of her links and the theme someone had chosen. I knew it wasn’t her because she doesn’t know how to do such. I changed it to something that would go with the theme I’d downloaded.

HS Theme

Then I downloaded and installed OpenOffice and I was done. Easiest computer restoration I’d ever done, discounting the hurdles of 8.1 and the password debacle.

She always wants to do something for me for working on her computer and I keep telling her she’s already done a lot and I enjoy it. Well, she wanted to buy some of that ice cream I like so I told her what it is and where she’s likely to find it. I also told Cuz to tell her to get me some Fordhook limas at the used food store and she said she’d bought me two bags and forgot to bring them yesterday!

My nurse friend had messaged me that she and her family have bad colds so she wouldn’t come over here and share. No biggie. I have a 30 ml vial and I can draw up the B12 almost as well as she can. I almost forgot to do it but I rounded everything up and I have been duly shot in the leg.

Every week, I download the Sabbath School lesson discussion at Sabbath School Study and listen to a portion each day. It was so interesting this morning (I hadn’t gotten around to it yesterday), I listened to ‘way more than what I normally would have.

I had an update about my injured sister. She’s been able to participate in some fun activities so I’m sure she’s feeling a bit more upbeat. It’s been three and a half weeks now so she’s surely on the side closest to the end of this nightmare. Praise the Lord it wasn’t worse!

The Catz have fallen down on their jobs. The other day, I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye but decided I was mistaken. Yesterday, I looked right at it and it was a big fat mouse that ran toward me then the other way and THEN under the kitchen range (is there a bedroom range?). Since I don’t have to be concerned about Twinkle, I will buy some poison to put out first chance I get.

The rain has pounded down and the wind has blown. The lights blinked once but didn’t go off long enough to mess up the clock on the microwave. When I went out to feed the Catz (I should cut back on their rations), water was standing everywhere. I didn’t venture off the deck. If there’s anything in the mailbox, it can stay there until the floods recede.

I won’t try to sleep in the chair tonight. I already know it doesn’t work that well. Shopping for a recliner is getting to be more attractive all the time.

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  1. Joanie December 28, 2015 at 11:36 pm #

    Glad someone likes to work on computers! And, glad your sister is going to be ok, she has had quite an ordeal, for sure!

    • Tommie December 29, 2015 at 12:07 am #

      I’ve lived with computers of one kind or another since 1983. They’ve always intrigued me.

      Yes, she’s been through it, all right. I’m concerned about her intake, though. She doesn’t have any reserve.

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