Two More Days

It’s been a more productive day. I did my “bending over” duties before I ate breakfast which made it closer to lunch. I think it was too late to even qualify as brunch.

The rain was really pouring down last night. It seemed the vent over the range in the kitchen wasn’t leaking. I thought maybe Cuz had sneaked up there and fixed it until I noticed some drops. Oh, well. I guess it gives me something else to clean up.

There’s more to be concerned about than leaking vents. A tornado watch (in December??) has just been posted for my area. Twisters have already killed at least six people in the Southeast. That’s so unusual for this time of year. It makes for sadness during what’s the most highly anticipated season.

The Catz haven’t been in evidence as much today. Maybe they don’t get as hungry when the weather’s warm. It’s just as well since their food is getting low. I told Cuz the last time she was here that it was down by half. She’s had so much on her mind, I doubt she’s thought about it again. Feeding six Catz and the Interloper on a regular basis takes a lot.

Well, I’ll do what I did before when tornados threatened. I’ll pray for all those affected (which might include me) and go to sleep. If it’s my time, it’s my time.

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