Democratic Post Debate Wrap-up

I filled my hot water bottle and settled down for the duration. I don’t know why the debates are scheduled for 8 p.m. because they don’t start then. It was more like 8:30. The National Anthem was absent so I can’t comment on how well or badly it was performed. That was kind of a relief because it’s a hard song to sing, let alone sing without a hitch.

From the get-go, it was obvious either ABC didn’t have their ducks in a row or they had more people streaming than the servers could handle. At first, the video and audio would both freeze and then repeat. After 15-20 minutes of that, it just started freezing and the picture would begin to break up. I tried to do a screenshot but wasn’t able to. So…if I want to see the whole thing, I’ll have to go to youtube. You can click on the video below and watch it right here!

The elephant in the room was the data breach so David Muir got right down to it and asked Bernie if he would apologize to Hillary. After going through a long explanation of how it happened and being pressed for an answer, he did apologize and Hillary accepted it.

There were a few times the candidates talked over each other but it was nothing like the GOP debate where there was mud-slinging and name calling. Poor Martin was like a little kid, jumping up and down yelling, “Pick me! Pick me!” when a question was being asked. (Just my impression — he didn’t really do that.) David finally patiently counseled him to wait his turn. He would be called on.

Martin frequently talked about people he’d met to illustrate whatever he was saying in answer to questions (when he did get his turn). It was important to let the viewers know that actual citizens are interested in putting him in the White House.

During the breaks while the TV viewers saw commercials, cord-cutters were entertained with interviews with people at viewing parties. There were parties for Hillary supporters and parties for Bernie supporters but none for Martin. That’s kind of sad when you can’t get enough people together to wave signs and eat cookies.

Hillary was very articulate, as usual, and Bernie was earnest. They both seemed to have a good grasp of the topics at hand — national security was at the forefront. Hillary said ISIS is using Trump’s videos for recruiting tools. I’ve read since that a fact-check on that yielded nothing, which isn’t surprising. I don’t guess any of the terrorists are going to come forward and say, “Yes, we are showing the Donald maligning Muslims. We all know he’s representative of the American people.”

There was a lot more substance to the debate (what I saw that didn’t freeze and skip) than others I won’t mention. However, it’s a given that more topics can be covered by three people vs nine.

During a break, the two men made it back to the stage before Hillary did. When she breezed in, she interrupted the current question (odd that it had gone on without her, anyway) to say, “Sorry.” One viewer later commented s/he would have his/her vote if she’d said, “Sorry, I had to pee.” Martha Raddatz should be able to relate.

Martin got the only round of booing when he tried to convince everyone he’s a generation removed from the other two. There are only 15 years between him and Hillary. Of course, here in the Tennessee boonies, that could qualify as different generations but in the overall scheme of things, I think not. There are only 22 years between Martin and Bernie.

Once, he complained about the bickering which caught me so by surprise I said aloud to no one in particular, “WHAT bickering?”

The closing statements were done in reverse alphabetical order (the opening statements were done the opposite way). That put Hillary third and she hit it out of the park with her last words. “May the Force be with you!” It couldn’t have been more apt.

I woke late. I ate late. I’ve drooped around most of the day. The editor is embarrassed we are four days behind the deadline for the lessons to go live and they haven’t been published yet. I did the index today and she hinted for me to do the style sheets but I’m still not comfortable with them. If she doesn’t do them soon, though, I guess I’ll try my hand.

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