Curiouser and Curiouser

It’s been another strange day and mostly because of Amazon. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ll continue to order from them but, lately, life has been more interesting because of what’s happened.

I’d told the UPS guy that there were four packages to send today and he should have four labels. When he showed up, he had five. Ypsilanti had said the items would be listed on the labels. They weren’t. He did his best and picked out which label went on which package. We can only hope they’re right.

Krishnan J was the one who had sent the email saying the packages would be picked up today so I replied and told her what had happened. Here’s what I got back from Shashank.

I am sorry to learn about the trouble you had with “Sena SMH10D-11 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset / Intercom with Universal Microphone Kit (Dual) ” you received. I completely understand your disappointment. That’s definitely not what we want our customers to experience.

We pride ourselves in ensuring that all of our customers receive timely, efficient service and a stress-free shopping experience. Your patronage is greatly appreciated. We were unable to provide you with this level of service for your very important order, and for this, I am truly sorry.

To make things right for you, I’ve created a replacement order with upgraded shipping method at no additional charge. Here are the details:

Order Number: 115-4077253-9574628
Shipping Speed: expd-intl-us-eur2-ag

It went on to give a link to the status of my replacement order plus a link to print a label to return the headset/intercom.

At the bottom of the message, it had YES and NO buttons for feedback with the question, “Did I solve your problem?” I clicked NO and was taken to a page where I could report the level of satisfaction. I clicked that I was very dissatisfied. That took me to a page where I could either have someone phone me or chat. I chose chat.

By and by, Monique signed in. I told her about the email I’d received and said, “I didn’t order a Sena SMH10D-11 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset / Intercom with Universal Microphone Kit (Dual) and I didn’t receive one. This must be for someone else. Please don’t sent me a replacement because I don’t need it. I don’t even own a motorcycle nor does anyone in my family.” She looked up the email and assured me I wouldn’t be getting a replacement.

Then, she wanted to know if there were anything else she could help me with today. I told her about the labels and said I hoped they’d get where they were supposed to go okay. She insisted the items were supposed to be listed on them but I’d looked, myself, and they weren’t. Even though I’m getting free oats, grits and ginger, I’d like to have my refund.

In spite of all the hoopla surrounding the exchange of packages, I got some more done on the lessons. I should be able to get 11-13 proofed tomorrow and get started on the helps. Friday will be spent finishing up, as well as doing my usual Friday things.

There were half a dozen Catz plus the Interloper at the banquet this evening. I had to open the new bag of food several days ago. I hope it lasts.

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