This morning, I prayed that I would be productive today. I even prayed that the Lord would help me be productive. I guess He isn’t in the business of zapping me with ambition because I didn’t get a whole lot done other than eat. The dishes are in the sink because I didn’t get the dishwasher unloaded before I ate. The bed IS made. That’s one tick mark on the plus side.

Today is DH’s 70th birthday. It’s hard to think of him as being that old but I’m older, still. For a few months each year, he’d catch up to only a year behind me.

Before I could get out to feed the Catz, they were letting me know they were out there by hurling their bodies against the storm door. Maybe they were just bumping it but they are certainly enthusiastic. I’m getting down to the dregs of the partial bag of food I already had when Cuz brought in another 30 lubs. I guess I’ll have to open it tomorrow. This afternoon, there were six Catz to each from five bowls. They weren’t willing to share so I put some food on the railing. I suppose I have spoiled them.

This afternoon, DD called for an hour long conversation. They’re doing okay but the house they moved to isn’t measuring up to their expectations. For one thing, it’s never warm. The room she uses for an office has a space heater which keeps her cozy during the week but the main part of the house is open. I guess it’s a lot like my house but on a larger scale. My kitchen, utility room, living room and dining room are all connected and there are no doors. They have two living rooms, the dining room and kitchen (I think) that are situated the same way. She was talking, too, about rooms they don’t use so I have the feeling she’s thinking Tiny House again.

Her SO’s car has made its way off the ship and onto a car hauler and is being trucked northward. She said he’s getting antsy. When it was on the ship, he could get updates on its whereabouts but there’s no way now. Seems the rig would be equipped with a GPS but maybe the location can’t be made public.

Just got an email from my sister. Her part was very short. She’ll see an orthopedist tomorrow. I wonder why it isn’t called an orthpedologist? Just googled it and it IS an orthopediologist but it redirects to orthopedist or orthoped. Seems they get short shrift. In my experience, the longer the title, the higher the fee.

The humidity in the house had gotten down below 40% but steaming water has it back to 50% and it feels better. My nose isn’t as dry as it was.

I signed on to cuz’ satellite TV account this evening and watched Top Chef. Every little bit, it was interrupted with three minutes of commercials. That would get on my nerves after awhile. I keep trying to sell her on a DVR (which wouldn’t have any impact on commercials online) but she hasn’t been convinced yet. I told her she could pause it for a few minutes, then use the time built up to fast forward when the commercials come on. Plus, she could easily record her favorite shows and watch them at her convenience rather than having to see them when they are on. Man! I’m glad I don’t have TV any more! Hulu and Netflix plus Google News — they’re better than TV. I’ve toyed with getting my own Prime account but I really can’t justify it.

Amazon hasn’t gotten back in touch with me. I may have to email them again but I’ll give them another day or two. This is the biggest mess I’ve ever had to report. The last vegan crackers I got are a large part broken. I reported them and they refunded my money. I think this incident will be straightened out. Eventually.

Tomorrow is going to be busy. At least I won’t have to deal with rain. It looks like the weather will be decent. The lows for the next week aren’t even that low. If there’s any chance for a white Christmas, it’s going to have to do a lot of changing.

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