Rain? What Rain?

It has rained most of the time from Sabbath through today and into tonight. It hasn’t come down hard until today but it has poured off and on. My audiologist was going home from work this evening and was following an SUV. She posted on Facebook that they were slipping and sliding on the wet road and water was running across it. At one point, the water was so deep on the road, the SUV stopped. When she got close enough to read the license plate, she was amazed and delighted to see it said, “NOAS ARK”. Now, when the water gets that high on the mountain, we might need one.

When I checked Facebook a little before 11, I had a private message that my nurse friend was running late. The doorbell rang shortly and I was shot for another week. She’s been quilting and has finished one and is starting on another. I should be so ambitious.

This afternoon, I worked on the lessons a little and then KompoZer proceeded to freeze up. It does that if I access the source (the tab that shows the code). I was still able to save what I’d done before I closed it.

There’s a group on Facebook I belong to that has, primarily, to do with vegan meringue. I don’t have any desire to make vegan meringue but the posts are interesting. One person had linked to an eggnog fudge recipe and asked if anyone would be interested in veganizing it. Well, I’ve done a bit of that in my day so I opened up the page and was reading the recipe. I left the tab open and went back to doing something else.

My computer started getting very slow and was stumbling. I closed some tabs to see if that would help. When I opened the eggnog fudge one, a huge popup reared its ugly head. It said my computer had been invaded by a Trojan and I’d have to call an 877 number to find out how to clean it. Supposedly, the Trojan could get all of my personal information that’s stored on my computer and wreak all kinds of havoc. I clicked the “x” to close the window but it would pop right back up. I tried closing it and and closing the eggnog fudge tab but I wasn’t quick enough. Then I clicked the “x” and quickly pressed Ctrl-w. That closed the fudge tab and the popup was gone. It was that site that was infected. My computer is running normally now.

Looking back, I wish I had called the phone number on the popup. It would be interesting to see what would have transpired. Then, again, I guess it’s just as well I didn’t.

Around midday, the Computer Owner had to be taken to the ER. From there, she was transferred to the Mother Ship where she still is. She’s doing better but they are going to keep her overnight, at least, and run some more tests. I’ve been busy sending out messages and getting updates re: her condition. Her intended accompanied her to the MS. I don’t know if he’ll sit with her tonight or not. It must be true love. I hope so. She deserves it.

I just checked Facebook and this showed up in my newsfeed. And just when I’d been writing about it!

My sister emailed about having a Prolia injection after finding her bone density had improved. I thought it might be a good thing for me to do until I looked up the side effects and I don’t think so. I’ll pass, thanks anyway.

Tonight has to be better than last night. After I’d been to the bathroom, I had a prolonged coughing session. Part of the time, it sounded croupy so I wondered if my roaming Walmart with a wet head might have contributed to it. I haven’t coughed any more than usual today (or any less, for that matter). I wish the Nexium would take it away but it hasn’t yet.

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  1. Lila December 2, 2015 at 8:21 am #

    Those popups are the ones I had that gave me so much trouble.

    I don’t know whether the Prolia is responsible for the improvement in my bone density, or the Silver Sneakers classes I’ve been attending since late May. Guess there is no way to know.

    • Tommie December 2, 2015 at 9:56 am #

      Do the classes involve weights? I don’t think exercise alone does much. Mine had improved when I was taking Essential GSH but I couldn’t continue because of the cost.

  2. Lila December 3, 2015 at 8:46 am #

    Yes, weights, stretch tubes and a ball for grip, coordination and exercise. And it’s work!

    • Tommie December 3, 2015 at 10:36 am #

      Sounds like it!

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