Sunday, Sunday

Today has been a wet and dreary day. Rain was hitting the vent in the bathroom every time I went in there. I haven’t heard it on the roof. It hasn’t been a hard rain but pretty steady all day long.

My sister has wanted to know the name of the group DS1 is singing with and I can’t remember for the life of me. I think it’s “Something of Praise” but I could be wrong. You’d have to replace “Something” with another word because I know, for sure, that isn’t it. When I wrote that, I decided to look in my purse to see if I still had the card a friend had given me, probably, a year ago. I did and the name of the group is Covenant of Praise. They have a couple of videos on youtube but they were uploaded in 2010 so DS1 wasn’t a member yet.

I can’t embed the other one but you can watch it (and listen to it) here.

DD called but it only rang one time. The phone was dead when I picked it up so I got the one that was on the charger. We could’ve talked all day and all night but we only used up a little more than three-quarters of an hour.

Yesterday, DD and her SO had toured Port Townsend. He’d never been there. I had the privilege back in June of 2001 when I was out west after DD and merm’s graduation. When my sister and BIL were walking through the downtown area, I found my man. I told DD about him and managed to find him after I had to jump through hoops to get into Flickr. Yahoo drives me nuts. Anyway, here he is.

My Man

I said he doesn’t talk back and I always know where he is.

There was a birthday celebration at a church on a winding country road. I had intended to put in an appearance but I don’t like driving that road when it’s dry, let alone in the rain. So I don’t have to take all the responsibility for not being there, I prayed that, if I were supposed to go, I’d find the little chest of greeting cards. I looked where I thought Cuz might have put them but no chest. No go.

The Catz have been fed twice today. So have I. It’s after 9 so I think I will hang this up and think about getting ready for bed.

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