My energy level is is almost in the negative column. I’ve had to poke and prod myself to do just about anything.

Yesterday was the usual Friday stuff. I went ahead with laundry so I’d have that done before Cuz turned the water off. She’d said that fixing the leak at the bathtub would be a five minute job if everything went according to plan.

My CIL came over and turned off the water. At least that’s what he thought he did but it was still coming out in a trickle. He went back and gave it another tug and that shut it down.

Cuz went under the house and my CIL was in the bathroom. The job didn’t go according to plan. Five minutes passed and five more — several times. Turns out there was no way to fix it without replacing the whole faucet set. Cuz figures we can get what we need for around $25. What I’ve found is only one that’s less than $100. In the meantime, I’m doomed to taking showers.

That’s what I did before I went to bed. I’d get one leg warm while my upper body cooled off. Then I’d warm the other leg while my upper body got even cooler. When I’d warm my upper body, other parts would cool. There just ain’t no way to get warm with a shower until that shower head is replaced. The water comes out in a light spray that just doesn’t work for a good, needle sharp pounding.

When the timer went off this morning, it would have been so nice to snuggle down and go back to sleep but I rolled out. I got to the church and the audio guy was already there. I failed to ask him if he sleeps in his car on Friday night.

I coughed very little through the services which was a relief. During the lesson study, the pianist came and told me a visitor would be playing for the second song service and church. She said he is a concert pianist. She needed to know if she should tell him to play the intros for the songs for song service and since that’s the norm, I said yes, that would be fine. I guess he misunderstood because he played ALL of the intros except for “Sweet, Sweet Spirit” and the Doxology. That was okay, too, but I was poised and it was a surprise to have him launch into it. One thing for sure, no one could complain about dragging the hymns and he does play very well.

The Trust Services man was there for the sermon and a seminar this afternoon. Since I wasn’t staying (SURPRISE!!), I got his card and a form to fill out since I have some changes I want to make to my will.

On my way to the car, I started coughing and coughed much of the way home. I got ahead of traffic and made it here by a little after 2. I filled the hot water bottle merm gave me several Christmases ago and snuggled down in Mother’s chair.

Cuz came over while I had a Super Duper Gut Bomb in the oven and was talking about her impending trip to Florida to pick up the House Sitter and her cat. Her construction partner had been planning to go with her so she wouldn’t be by herself but he isn’t feeling too perky so he decided to stay home. My CIL needs to stay with him so he couldn’t go, either. I told her I would if I could take my hospital bed.

I got to thinking later that I could surely do without it for one night (though the last night I stayed at DS1’s about did me in) so I made up my mind that I would go if she didn’t find someone else to do it. It might bring on the inevitable but that would be okay. Her sister had to work Monday so, if she went, that would mean her missing a day.

When she came back about 6:30, I asked her for the news. Her brother-in-law is going. She trusts his driving so they may swap out and come back tomorrow night. One thing sure and two things certain, if I went, I’d have to stop every couple hours to go to the bathroom.

For some reason, I’m not getting notifications for all of the comments on my blog. If you don’t see yours show up right away, it isn’t because I’m ignoring you. It’s because I don’t know it’s there.

Today was a beautiful (cool) sunshiny day. That’s why I was surprised when I went in the bathroom and heard rain hitting the vent. The cloudiness is supposed to decrease tomorrow so I’m hoping the Travelers have good weather. My weather clock shows a trend from cloudy to cloudy with rain. It’s been wrong before.

The two sensors that stopped working right are back in business. One of them had tiny, just above microscopic ants in it so when they cleared out, the incessant beeping quit. The other one had been displaying temperatures in the mid-180s and a good break put it back to more reasonable temps. I’m glad because I like being able to see minimums and maximums.

I may have to go to town tomorrow. I’m in dire need of a haircut and my fuel indicator is hovering around the quarter-tank mark. I don’t like to let it get any lower than that. Running out of gas isn’t one of my favorite things to do.

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