Post Debate Lethargy

Cuz had a few words for me this afternoon. She said she didn’t like what I’d done. I blogged and posted it before bedtime and she’d read it. She had nothing to read while her coffee was brewing this morning. I told her to read the cereal box. After all, who was it that told me to blog early so I wouldn’t be too tired to do it at all?? Cuz, that’s who.

Well, I watched the debate last night and got over-commercialized. I’ve never seen as many commercials in a two hour span in all my life. Now, I know for sure that Wayfair has free shipping on everything they sell. And I could care less. Their prices are probably bumped up enough to cover it.

It seemed to me that the debaters were Bernie and Hillary. Martin just sorta showed up. When he talked, he didn’t seem to have a whole lot of confidence in what he was saying. His one zinger of the night was when he called The Donald an “immigrant-bashing carnival barker”. Bernie wasn’t as polite as he was during the first debate but he still didn’t want to discuss Hillary’s emails. Hillary seemed pretty composed during it all. Cuz remarked she must’ve had on a lot of makeup but I reckon they all did. After all, it was TV.

The next debate is the Republicans on December 15—my late sister’s birthday. It will be on CNN so I’ll have to hide and see if it will live stream free. The one after that is the Democrats on December 19 which is another Saturday night. It will air on ABC and, I hope, will be live streamed.

Cuz made an observation that I’ve noticed and I’m sure many other people have, too. She said a president-elect will take office and then four years later, the office will have taken its toll. The hair has grayed and the wrinkles show up. If Bernie gets it, I wonder if his hair will turn brown?

When she came over just after dark, she brought one of my CIL’s coloring books. The designs are very intricate and some of the pictures would be nice framed. It was similar to those here.

I filled my hot water bottle for the first time this season and cuddled with it this afternoon. The humidity had gotten down into the mid-30%s and it was chilly in here even though the thermometer said it shouldn’t be. I put a pot of water on the stove and boiled about three quarts into the air. That got the humidity into the mid-50%s. Now it’s back to 45% which is borderline low. I don’t enjoy having to boil water but I don’t like for the air to dry out and make my eyes itch, either. The hot water bottle will go to bed with me tonight.

Speaking of eyes, mine are about blind now. The HTML expert sent out the large file I’m supposed to edit and there’s an error that repeats itself over and over from the December 30 mark on. I’ve stared at the code until I can’t look at it any more and still haven’t figured out the problem.

Tonight’s going to be earlier to bed. My head feels like a basketball sitting atop my neck. For all I know, it may look that way, too.

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  1. Lila November 16, 2015 at 7:36 am #

    Maybe your cough was better, since you didn’t mention it. I doubt it, but would like to think so.

    • Tommie November 16, 2015 at 9:38 am #

      I always cough. It’s a given like eating and going to the bathroom.

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