Losing It

DS1 had called. He wanted to know what kind of lights I have in my kitchen. “Are they fluorescents?” Yes. “Long tubes?” Yes. “Would you be interested in LEDs?” Yes. A couple months back, I’d ordered LEDs that were supposed to work out of the package with ballast fixtures. They didn’t. He said someone he knew had told him how to bypass the ballast and he now had two of his four lights replaced with LEDs. If I would be interested in doing the same, he’d come up and do the wiring for me.

About that time, Nature also called. I went in the bathroom, taking the handset that lives beside the bed with me. We continued to talk for several minutes. I heard Cuz come in but I was in a condition that decreed I had to stay where I was. After DS1 and I concluded our conversation, I called out to Cuz that I’d be through shortly.

Washing my hands, I came into the living room to find Cuz looking a bit puzzled and a little alarmed. Then she saw the handset and was visibly relieved. She said, “I thought you were losing it when I heard you talking and saw the phone by the computer.” I told her I have three of those. I must admit I thought it was sorta funny at the time.

The bed had been stripped and the sheets were in the washer but I didn’t start it until after I’d taken a bath. I’d avoided using the tub because of the leak but showers don’t warm me up the way baths do. I took a towel, folded it, then rolled it up and pressed it against the tub where the water runs down. After my bath, I spread it out on the tub to dry. It was pretty well soaked but the carpet was protected. Cuz assured me she will take care of the problem next week when she can turn the main supply of water off.

My activities were pretty much the same as every Friday after that. No need to list all of them. Just rest assured I coughed my way through.

Speaking of coughing, after I went to bed last night, reflux hit and I coughed and coughed and coughed some more. It’s disheartening to think I’m doing better and then that happens. I’m to see the gastro next week and I’m going to tell him I’m tired of throwing medications that don’t work at the problem.

After the episode, I was quietly almost sitting up when it occurred to me I’d failed to brush my teeth. I didn’t want to get up but I did. At least I went to sleep with a clean mouth.

I felt pretty good when I woke. I turned the heat up and set the timer for another hour and went back to bed. When I got up to stay up, I still felt almost like hunting bears with a switch but that isn’t a Sabbath activity so I didn’t.

The audio guy was at the church when I got there. One of these days, I’m going to ask him if he sleeps in his car. I unlocked the door and turned on all the lights. It actually felt a bit warm when I went in the door. I should hope since it was cold enough this morning for frost to be on the windshield.

The lesson discussion was so interesting, I let the time creep up on me. I flew to the bathroom and made it to the organ a minute or two late. The setting was on the quietest because I usually end up having to play while the lesson is finishing so I changed it and started in.

Everything went as it should except when the elder was reading the prayer requests. I’d asked for prayer for those affected by the terrorist attacks in Paris. He shook his head and announced he didn’t know what that was about. I don’t know why he didn’t just read it. God knew. The guest speaker had an interesting testimony. I’d like to hear the rest of it, actually. That’s better than being glad when he sat down and shut up.

There was a fellowship meal today but I came on home. During the last song, I must’ve hit a button on my Tek because the sound was blasting in my ears. After several minutes of that, my head was pounding and I couldn’t do anything about it with no free hand. As soon as I got in the car, I started coughing and coughed most of the way up the mountain.

When Cuz came over this afternoon, I was changed and fed. (That makes me sound like an infant.) In honor of the cold weather, I had some stuffed peppers along with my Fordhooks and leftover loaf. She didn’t stay long but said she’d be back over.

She was. This time it was after dark. She had admonished me that I was to get my blogging done before the debate at 9 o’clock. She said some people (I assume herself) look forward to reading it in the morning even though she knows most of it, anyway. She didn’t know whether she’d watch the debate or not but I promised to post the link in case she wanted to and the TV was turned to something else.

There is one thing she doesn’t know, or maybe it’s two. Or maybe it’s a two-parter one. Anyway, I’d put off adding YouTube and Hulu to my Wii for, like, forever. I turned it on just for that purpose yesterday afternoon. It was super easy. I just had to download the programs to the Wii and then put the codes on the screen in the computer and there they were! I watched how to give your cat medication and turned it off.

Well, it will be interesting to see how the debaters handle questions about the terrorists. Donald had already said he’d bomb the sh*t out of them but where would he bomb? With clusters all throughout the world, they’re like cancer. Take care of them one place and the pop up another.

It’s another hour before the debate preliminaries begin. With only three candidates, each one should have plenty of time to answer questions. And then the picking apart will begin…

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