Debate, Post-Debate and Late

Cuz thinks we need some sort of default notice that will go up if I don’t post to my blog. It was getting more and more involved and I had to call a halt to it. Suffice it to say, I was otherwise occupied last night and didn’t write the usual. I told her she knew what I was doing but she protested that not everyone did. My sisters did and anyone that read Monday night’s post would have.

Anyway, I did nothing of note yesterday that would be of interest to anyone except watch the debate and the post-debate interviews.

My take on the proceedings? It was more civilized than the outing before that. Fox Business News and the Wall Street Journal learned several things from CNBC. First (and most important), make the live stream available to anyone with an Internet connection. Second, don’t get personal. Third, don’t ask questions designed to pit one candidate against another.

HOWEVER, the first question was a little strange. Each of the candidates was to answer with a Democrat s/he admires. None of them elected to answer the question. That was a throwaway.

One of my sisters didn’t plan to watch the debate at all. The other one watched for a little while and went to bed. I was the one who stayed the course, for better or worse. In her email, she asked if I had any comments. I answered her as follows:

I watched 99.9% of the debate and most of the after-debate interviews. Trump did his usual “wall” routine (plus he said he’d have 11,000,000 illegals deported) and he surprised me by saying he doesn’t think the minimum wage should be raised—that employees are paid too much as it is. I don’t think that’s going to win him any friends. Carson was his usual affable self and agreed that the minimum shouldn’t be raised but there should be a “graduated” wage scale that would allow younger people to get into the work force more easily. Jeb hemmed and hawed and didn’t say much of anything notable. Marco seemed to know what he was talking about when he talked. Carly was bent on interrupting people and Trump called her out on it once. Kasich hollered a lot and, at several points, three or four of them were all talking over each other. The moderator thanked them for saving time by doing that.

Of course, everyone had to rip into Hillary at some point. I haven’t seen a poll lately but they still regard her as the Heiress Apparent.

If I had to say who I think the winner is, it would have to be Marco with Cruz second. I’ve read today that people think it’s Trump but he said nothing that convinced me he knows enough to be president.

The next debate is Saturday night at 9 on CBS.

Now, I’m no political expert and I could be all wet with my observations but that’s just what they are—my observations. One thing I noticed, Rand Paul had combed his hair differently which made him look older. I like the curls down on his forehead so he wasn’t as endearing to watch.

It isn’t hard to imagine I’ve been wiped out today. After all, I was up pretty late. I watched as long as I could for free and then I signed in with Cuz’ TV provider. By the time I gave up and went to bed, the Spin Room was almost empty.

In spite of my malaise and fatigue, I “did” both versions of lessons 8 & 9. That leaves 10-13 to go. Cuz asked me when they had to be done and I told her they were supposed to be already. In fact, the hoped-for completion was the middle of September. When I have to do my part and somebody else’s, it doesn’t go as quickly as it would, otherwise.

The doctor’s office had never called me back so I called them yesterday. The nurse checked and I’m to take OTC Nexium twice a day. I’d ordered some from eBay and started it today. After I took the first one, I was cough free for a full hour. I thought, “Oh, wow! This is great!” and then I started coughing. Oh, well.

I filled out the appeal form for Humana and Cuz will put it in the mailbox tomorrow. If the hospital doesn’t get paid, it won’t be my fault. I’ve done everything I can. Historically, the swingbed claims have never been billed correctly since the Mother Ship took over.

Cuz did a lot of leaf-blowing today. She has my fig tree well mulched. Hopefully, it will be enough to protect it. The old house used to give it shelter. Now that it’s gone, we’ll see if the leaves are sufficient.

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  1. Lila November 12, 2015 at 7:53 am #

    I don’t even know how late the debate lasted, whether it was two or three hours. I think I might have watched longer if I were watching it on TV rather than notebook.

    • Tommie November 12, 2015 at 10:08 am #

      It was a little more than two hours from start to finish. I don’t watch my TV. All I use it for is a display for the Wii.

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