The Last Time

It was still dark when I got up yesterday morning. I had been summoned to Grandparents’ Day 2015. Since my granddaughter is in the 8th grade, it’s the final one. Next year, she’ll be across the street and they are ‘way too cool to devote a program to showing off for the elders in their midst.

Being Friday, the university supermarket would close at 4. The celebration didn’t start until 1 so I wasn’t sure I’d have enough time to do my shopping after it was over. Besides, the past years have taught me that it’s in this grandparent’s best interest to get to the school early enough to get a good parking spot and a good seat.

Cuz and I were talking about it the night before and I said I’d have to leave by 10:30 TT in order to be there by 12 TT. Since I was going to shop on the way, I would leave by 8:30 TT. I don’t know what she thought I said because, later, she said I hadn’t gotten started on time but I did. I left the house promptly at 8:30.

I’d wondered about the bridge re-doing (I always go the back way) but it was finished and all of the equipment was gone. I was well down the road when I realized I hadn’t grabbed my camera. There would be no picture-taking. That was okay. We know what we look like. Sometimes I think the ubiquity of digital photos has taken away the “special-ness”.

The way I go to get to the university and other campuses involves taking roads less traveled. I was on one such back road when I spied a deer off in the distance. I took the car off cruise control and slowed down. Bambi got safely across. Then Bambi the Sequel followed. I thought it was well out of the way when I went by but there was a thump on the right rear of the car. I looked back but didn’t see anything. I think I clipped Bambi II. When I got to my destination, I went around and inspected the car. There wasn’t a mark anywhere. I hope and pray I didn’t do the deer any damage.

I did my shopping and got all the things that needed to be chilled stowed in the cooler. They had hachiya persimmons so I got three. That’s all I could justify at $1.79 each. They are nice ones, though.

On the way out, I met one of the elders from the church and his two boys. They were the first people I saw that I knew which is unusual since Homecoming was going on.

Making my way to the school, I had my pick of parking spots. When I got inside, the lady at the desk paged my granddaughter and she came out to meet me. We hugged and I admired her braces. She said they do get sore and they really hurt when she first got them. She has glue-ons and she can be thankful. Her dad had braces like these.

She had to go practice her parts so I elected to get a good seat in the gym. I was the first grandparent there. Last year, I sat where I could see her in the choir but not the band. This year, I figured I’d sit where I could see her in the band and still be able to see her in the distance when she sang.

People started trickling in and I soon had a lady to my left and one to my right. I learned all about their grandchildren. Both had been to Grandparents’ Day at the elementary school so it was an all-day affair for them. I could be thankful.

We had almost an hour to visit. The program started right on time but the first 15-20 minutes of it were promotions. When the main part of the program started, it was in sections. The orchestra played three songs, then the choir sang three songs. The 6th grade band was next and played their allotted three songs, one of which was

Papa Haydn’s dead and gone
But his mem’ry lingers on.
When his mood was one of bliss
He wrote jolly tunes like this.

Being an 8th grader, my granddaughter was in the 7th and 8th grade band. They played three songs and she was so well hidden, I could only see her left arm at times if I tilted my head and squinted.

The handbells played three songs and then it was time for the tumblers. I told my seatmate it was MY time to go to the bathroom. One of the teachers tried to waylay me but was unsuccessful. When I got through and got back, the tumblers were tumbling no more.

My DIL was waiting in the lobby for us. We hugged and talked a bit. She was starving and got a cookie while someone was shouting, “One cookie each, please! One cookie each!” She told me I should go get one but I didn’t want one. I did go over and get one for her, though.

We collected all of my granddaughters things and took them to the truck where we had a parting of the ways.

I went back to the supermarket and got the rest of the food I hadn’t really planned to. From there, I stopped by the Chinese restaurant and left with eggplant in garlic sauce to bring home and eat, not planning to be part of a giant parking lot. It took forever to get going what with the shift change somewhere.

When I did pull into the driveway, I was about ready to starve, myself. I got unloaded and most things put away when Cuz came over. She had been worried about me. She thought I’d be home lots earlier. She brought the cooler in and put some things in the freezer for me.

I ate, probably, a third of my eggplant. I figure I have at least one more large meal or two at the most for later. The fortune cookie was interesting. It says, “You and your wife will be happy in your life together.” And here I thought all this time I was hetero.

Last night, I woke with my leg cramping. It would stop and then start in another spot. I’d almost doze off and here it would go again. Then I woke at 5 and hadn’t gone back to sleep yet at 6 when “beep beep beep” started.

My playing today was disastrous. I told Cuz it would be easier to count the right notes than the wrong ones this time. I really felt bad and was very shaky.

Facebook has lots of reminders about the time change (I’m a non-participant, as usual) but this is the one that caught my eye.


My sister emailed, “Now, Tommie, you’ll have to adjust to being on the same time as other people…” However, I’m always not in sync with someone. Since church will adhere to man’s changing times and laws, I’ll be an hour ahead. And now, I’ll be three hours ahead of DD instead of only two.

Speaking of DD, she’s posted pictures of the Tiny House they’re adventuring in this weekend. It’s quite interesting and not at all traditional. It has an almost “container”-like quality. I’m sure she won’t call tomorrow since she’s otherwise occupied.

I had to fight sleep this afternoon. I was about to give in when Cuz came over. It had started raining (again) and it shows no sign of moving out until Monday night.

After she left, I watched “Back In Time”. It wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. I gave it three out of five stars.

There have been no trick or treaters here this year. There never are. I’m That Strange Old Woman and Cuz and my CIL are The People with all those Catz. That’s fine with me.

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  1. Mary Jane November 1, 2015 at 7:56 am #

    I had my faithful 3 trick or treaters. I’d miss them if they didn’t come! They are from 3 to 9 years old, so won’t “graduate” from it any time soon.

    • Tommie November 1, 2015 at 9:03 am #

      Some of them never graduate. Your younger granddaughter dressed up, too.

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