Will I or Won’t I?

I’m starting this early because I hope I’ll be able to watch the debate tonight. After I said I’d heard nothing from CNBC, I remembered I hadn’t used my personal email address for my complaint, but a “junk mail” address that doesn’t go to Thunderbird. I’d had a reply that suggested I could use the free trial to watch the debate tonight.

A little while ago, I got out my credit card and proceeded to sign up. After I filled in all the blanks, there was a message that said my card didn’t appear to be valid. I contacted Customer Care again. They don’t take Discover. Okay. If I use my debit card, will it be charged right away? “There will be an immediate hold (that will fall off in 24-48 hours) for the full amount.” I got out my debit card and keyed in the information. When I clicked on SUBSCRIBE, I got the same message. My card appeared to be invalid. I’ve emailed Customer Care AGAIN. ARGGGGHHHHHHHH!

On the bright side (literally), Cuz and my CIL came over and took care of the light in the kitchen. I have two working fixtures now.

Today has been a slow day, otherwise. I got up at a reasonable hour, took my morning meds and turned up the heat. I went back to bed while the house warmed up and fell asleep. I had weird, crazy dreams and didn’t wake up until 10. That shouldn’t happen.


Post debate. There was a FAQ on CNBC about credit card problems. The answer was the problem was being addressed. In the meantime, I borrowed a sign-on from Cuz and watched. I was struck how some of the participants would be asked specific questions but the answers would have nothing to do with them. On the other hand, there were some good answers that stood out. I’m glad I was able to watch and I’m looking forward to the next one. November 10, here I come.

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