A Very Quiet Thursday

Not a whole lot happened today. I’ll take that over the last 24 hours any time.

DS1 called but only to tell me that the nurse had called him about my procedure for next week. She couldn’t get through on the MagicJack number. I called her back and she gave me the particulars. Before she hung up, she said she’d email me the instructions.

Sure enough, the email came through. It had the procedure down for tomorrow and the arrival time at 7 instead of 10:30. The doctor’s name was wrong, too. I called and left voice mail.

When she called me back (on my Google Voice number), she apologized all over the place. She’d been interrupted and sent the message before she proofed it. She sent me corrected instructions that should be A-OK.

Cuz came to visit a couple of times. She still thinks a panic button would be a good idea. Fine, but what if it weren’t in reaching distance when I needed it? And what if SHE weren’t in responding distance if I pushed it?

Mother had a MedAlert. She kept it in her pocket. That was fine except when she decided to take a nap one day. She told me, “I woke up and there was this BIG MAN standing over me!” She wasn’t scared. I think it made life more interesting for her.

I know it was set off by accident more than once. When that happened, the company had to be called and the base reset. Once, when I was there during a storm, lightning came in through the line and set it off. I called and took care of it.

In all the time she had it, I don’t think it was ever used for a valid emergency once. In theory, it was a good idea. In practice, not so much.

Cuz has been busy working on their house. She had said she’d see about getting the ballast for the kitchen light tomorrow but it sounds like she’d better paint while the weather is still good. She thought she had several days before rain is supposed to come in but, according to WeatherBug, there’s a chance of the wet stuff on Sunday.

Last night, I started watching BTTF on Netflix Switzerland. It was fine except the captions were in German. At least everyone seemed to enunciate more clearly in 1985. I finished watching it today. No matter that everything in the movie is in the past now. It’s timeless.

I’m not supposed to take any of my supplements between now and my endoscopy. I’ll go ahead and take melatonin. There’s an exception for NAC. I need to go take my last dose now. Here I go!

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  1. Mary Jane October 23, 2015 at 8:14 am #

    BTTF? It’s all a foreign language to me!

    • Tommie October 23, 2015 at 10:22 am #

      Then it’s Google to the rescue! Highlight BTTF, right click on it and left click on “Search Google for ‘BTTF'”.

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