Well, THAT Sucks!

Excuse my language, but I’m a little riled right now. Actually, it’s more than a little. It’s a lot. Genese’s daughter, Kimberly, sent me a private message that the Mother Ship has taken down Internet access for the hospital and nursing home. Since Genese is bed-bound, it’s been her only way to “get outside” her room.

I mentioned it to Cuz when she came over this evening and she said oh, yes. She’d overheard someone talking about it in town. So…I guess this is the way they’re going to save a bit of money and alienate the population. She said she could understand someone in the hospital not needing it—HUH? It was just about the only thing that kept me sane while I was in for eight days earlier this year. That was how I kept in touch with my family. I didn’t have to be up and online all the time. Just a few words back and forth was all that was needed when I was feeling really bad but I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the guest network.

When I had my gallbladder surgery at the other local hospital, I asked if there were Internet access. Oh, yes. It was like it was the most natural thing in the world. Several years ago, I was visiting my sister in a skilled nursing facility in the Seattle area. She had her laptop and was able to get online in her room. I had my netbook and we set up a Facebook account for her. I’d bet that all the other area hospitals have Internet access. When I had to go to a doctor in the town 30 miles north of Genese, I was able to get online in the waiting room. Get a grip, Mother Ship! You’re taking several giant steps back.

Before I ate my lunch today, I called the tech line (those phone numbers will stay in my head forever) and was told that yes, the network had been taken down and no, he didn’t know why. It was done at the main campus and not through them.

If I had the money, I’d get Genese DSL through the local phone company. It would cost an arm and a leg, though, and I ain’t rich (contrary to what some people think). They don’t offer Internet only. It’s in addition to the cost of a landline. 1 Mb down costs more than I’m paying for 12. They can get by with it because they’re the only game in town.

Now that I’ve vented, I’ll go on to something else.

Yesterday was Friday all day long. The only thing I did outside of my usual Friday chores was make a big bowl of tapioca. It’s normally better but I didn’t put coconut milk in this time.

Cuz was over a couple of times. She had gotten busy and pressure washed her house. It was cool and windy and she about froze.

I was up at 6:30 this morning. On Sabbath mornings, I always check the batteries in my hearing aids. This morning, one showed a full charge and the other almost full. When I put them in, they both showed empty. By that time, I needed to leave so I went to the car with them taking turns with the “doodle-de-do’s”.

During the Sabbath School class, I went out to the bathroom to change the batteries and DD’s classmate was in there. My hands were very shaky. Since I’ve been using Flonase, my tremors have gotten worse. She was concerned that I needed help but I assured her I could do it. It was nice of her to offer, though.

The Computer Owner had mentioned in Sabbath School that she had been to a singles retreat. There was a tall, white-haired gentleman sitting with her. I didn’t get to meet him but I have an idea he was at the retreat, too. She’s young and not nearly as set in her ways as I am. I wish her all the best.

During song service, the CO picked hymn #6, “O Worship the Lord”. All the notes are played on the first verse but the first note in the first and third lines are skipped on verses two through four. The pianist and trumpeter were playing all of the notes on all four verses and it was throwing the song out of kilter. After church, the pianist got with me and I showed her the problem. She’d never noticed it.

I was invited to go to lunch with friends but I didn’t have my enzymes with me. I came on home. The house was cool (64 degrees) so I put on my housecoat, drank some hot water and was sitting with a blanket over me when Cuz came in.

After she left, I ate and relaxed as much as I could since I heard about the Internet fiasco.

Cuz came back over later. I’d just started on “Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me”. I paused it and we visited some more. I hadn’t planned to watch the whole thing but when she left, I did just that. There isn’t a good place to stop it. It’s a fascinating documentary and I recommend it wholeheartedly.

Well, that’s been my two days. What have you been up to?

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  1. Mary Jane October 18, 2015 at 6:03 pm #

    Too bad that people aren’t more important to an organization than saving money, especially when it cuts a lifeline a nursing home resident has to the outside world.

    • Tommie October 18, 2015 at 6:14 pm #

      Amen, sister! With them, it’s the bottom line, though. It didn’t used to be that way.

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