Ring the Doorbell

Even though I got up earlier than usual, Cuz was long gone to work. I went through my normal routine and took a shower. I pulled on my clothes, cut out the coupons I’d printed off and gathered the printouts for price match. Part of my breakfast was my last banana. I really needed to go restock.

When I got to Walmart, it was early enough that two pharmacists should be on duty. I went over to the girl at the window and requested a flu shot. She went through the usual name/birthdate questions and I answered. Then she said she’d need my insurance card. I pulled out my Humana card and handed it to her. No, she needed my Medicare card—you know, the red, white and blue one. I explained to her that Humana is an Advantage plan and replaces the red, white and blue card. She insisted so I got it out and handed it to her.

She typed in my Social and the alpha character and, sure enough, it told her I have Humana. I took that card back and gave her the Humana card—again. She still didn’t know what to do with it. She needed my pharmacy card. I told her I don’t have Part D. The medications I take don’t cost enough to warrant having it. Part B pays for the flu shot, anyway. Not Part D. But they are a pharmacy. It might pay that way through the doctor’s office but not there. I explained that, last year, I got my shot at Rite Aid and Humana paid for it. Very patiently, she told me she didn’t have any way to put the Humana info in the computer.

By that time, I felt my face getting hot. I knew my blood pressure was rising. If I’d been able to look in a mirror, I would have probably seen a woman with a face red as a beet looking back. She finally agreed to put the information in as best she could but she would just be “feeling” her “way”. Fine. Whatever it took. She told me it showed zero liability but to call the insurance company and made sure it went through. Not gonna do it. She also told me to get a prescription card from Humana to simplify things. I can’t. I don’t have prescription coverage.

She gave me a form to fill out and a laminated printout to look over. I did as I was told and turned it in. Another woman took it and said something I didn’t understand. I sat down on one of the comfy benches they have there and waited. Finally, my name was called and I was told to go to the register to have it rung up.

The woman at the register always looks like she just bit into a lemon. I feel sorry for her because she must be miserable. Anyway, after I went through the name/birthdate thing again, she said I had a prescription waiting, too. ?? It was my thyroid med. I told her I picked that up the other day. Oh, yes. That was right. She handed me my paperwork with a zero amount on the sales slip.

I sat back down to wait. Presently, the pharmacist came out and called me into a little enclosure where she cheerfully told me she’d had her flu shot last week and it got really sore. I didn’t even feel the shot and she said it was the same for her but it sure hurt later. Right now, it’s tender but that’s it.

On my way to the grocery side of the building, I thought they’d BETTER have Fordhook limas after all that. And they did. I got three packages. That’s all I could reach. Otherwise, I would probably have gotten more.

There were no limes to be had except for big bags of them. The produce guy even went to the back to see if there were any that weren’t out. Nope. I thought later that I could freeze the juice but that’s okay. I’ll manage.

I price matched bananas, avocados and cashew milk. I had two coupons I laid up on the little stand and the cashier missed them. There was no way for her to deduct them after the sale was final so I went to Customer Service.

To put in the coupons, the items had to be refunded, then rung up with the coupons. I was willing to go through all that for $2.50. The girl was very nice and I got two receipts with surveys on them today. Now, if I’ll just win…

Back home, I unloaded, put away and fixed supper. I was just beginning to eat when Cuz came in. She told me she had gotten home from work, checked on the men, did a few things and decided she’d come over to say hi. She found the door locked so she rang the bell since I have chided her because a knock on that door isn’t easy to hear.

She said she stood there and rang the doorbell for about five minutes when my CIL called to her from the garage and said I wasn’t home. She hadn’t noticed the car was gone. He said, Oh, yeah. She’s been gone for a while. It didn’t dawn on him to tell her.

After she left, I finished supper and cleaned up what little mess I’d made. I heard the lawn mower going and knew Cuz was keeping her vow to mow one more time before frost.

I’d just sat down at the computer when she came in again and asked if I was debating. I told her no, that the next one isn’t any time soon. I looked it up and it’s on October 28. She said she watched the first two but not the last one. I’m aiming to watch ’em all. It doesn’t hurt to know what both sides are up to.

We visited some more, she went home and I got back to what I was doing. It’s been quite a day and I’m tired. Oh, I called Patient Accounting a couple of days ago and was told the claims had been rebilled on September 16. They are supposedly still in review though they show up as completed on the web site. Guess I should fill out that form and mail it so I’ll know I’ve done everything I can to straighten it out.

4 Responses to Ring the Doorbell

  1. Lila October 16, 2015 at 8:33 am #

    Guess this proves not every day is a perfect day. Glad they had the limas!!!

    • Tommie October 16, 2015 at 8:43 am #

      None of mine are perfect. You have read my other posts, right? I’m glad they had ’em, too. I ate some for supper.

  2. Mary Jane October 16, 2015 at 9:22 am #

    I wonder why it is so hard to find frozen green limas? I really like them, too. One year I planted them and thought they would never stop producing! Never again.

    Glad I don’t have to go through all you did just to get a flu shot! I was on a routine visit to my dr., they asked if I had had the shot, it was “no”, so they shot me. Also a very tiny prick, which is always a relief.

    • Tommie October 16, 2015 at 9:38 am #

      Baby limas are always in abundance and I couldn’t care less for them. My FIL planted them every year. He’d help shell them and I’m sure my MIL was thankful.

      Cuz told me the clinic is out of the shots so it’s just as well I didn’t try there.

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