The Rain Is Raining

The ground is saturated. There’s nowhere for the rainfall to go. If the wind comes up, it will be prime conditions for downed trees. I hope none of them decide to topple on my house OR my car—or anyone else’s, for that matter. I’m sure we are faring better than people in other areas, though. Tomorrow is supposed to be down to a 30% chance of showers. We’ll see…

Yesterday was a typical Friday. Since it was the beginning of the month (the first day to change the sheets, anyway), I flipped and rotated the mattress. I figured out how to lower the rail on the far side of the bed and it was easier to make up.

Cuz got home and brought me the Omega-3 buttery spread and sticks. PLUS some yummy apple pie bites and she wouldn’t let me pay her for any of it. She had to head to the valley to help her sister with a project so she didn’t even sit down.

I ordered a different kind of vegan enzymes from Amazon and guess what?? The package didn’t tour the countryside before it got here.

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I took two of the capsules before my meal and I’m hoping they will help. Eventually, I’d like to get off my morning Prilosec but that’s well into the future, I’m afraid.

One of my Facebook friends sent me a private message that his ex-wife had died and he wanted it announced in church. She was 62 and recently retired. While she lived in this area, she had attended where I do and helped out with the music. She played and sang beautifully and formed a choir. Her obituary said she died “peacefully, at home”. That’s the way I want to go. Peacefully.

This morning, I got up and took my meds and went back to bed for 20 minutes. It was chilly in the house so I turned on the heat to warm it up while I snuggled.

It was raining (of course) when I left the house. I have to put my umbrella up right at the door since Cuz hasn’t been able to completely stop the water running off the roof. The way it’s arranged, it should go from the roof of the house to the roof over the deck but, some way, it manages to get between. I’m beginning to think it’s a lost cause. It isn’t more than a bother until cold weather comes and then it can turn into a sheet of ice.

The Cavalry’s wife had the Sabbath School lesson and the children’s story today. I found that if I put my Tek on “outside”, I can hear her. I can also hear anything else that’s going on—paper rustling, coughing, whatever.

The Cavalry, himself, had the sermon again. He’s giving a series and this time it was on faith. I find I’m able to retain more when there isn’t so terribly much to try to absorb. I appreciate his giving it to us in bites rather than a whole plateful.

The rain was still raining when I headed home. I hadn’t been to the mailbox during the rainy week so it was full. When I thumbed through the contents, there was an envelope from my sister with 49 cents in postage on it. I was shocked. I use Forever stamps so I didn’t realize it had gone up that much. She had emailed something about having problems with the new printer she isn’t happy with and said she was trying to copy a recipe for someone. Maybe she was sending it to me? I thought, I’m going to have to teach that woman to scan documents and email them!

I was an interesting sight, juggling all the mail, my purse, tote and umbrella and trying to unlock the door without getting wet. I’m sure it would have been a source of amusement if anyone had been around to see me.

When I got inside, I opened the envelope to discover newspaper clippings that were yellow with age. One was an article about a gathering at my uncle’s drug store years and years before I was born. There were announcements of my engagement to DH from the local paper as well as Chattanooga. One recounted my bridal shower held in the beauty shop where I worked. Mother had submitted a lengthy article detailing the 1972 nuptials, what the principals wore, and listing the out of town guests.

The stack jumped over a few years to 1977 when there were full-color pictures of DH, his student and his hang glider on the front page of the North Platte Telegraph. A long article with more pictures was in the sports section. It told about a local man who was taking hang gliding lessons from DH. It said they could glide “up to 300 feet” if they took off from one of the sand hills into a 10 mph wind. That’s vs the miles one can soar using the currents off the ridges here. Nebraska was really kind of frustrating for DH after flying in the mountains of Tennessee, Colorado and New Mexico but the paper didn’t say anything about that.

Keeping with the chronological order, there was a clipping about Mother’s travels. She had been to see my sisters and said how many weeks she’d stayed with each one. There was an error in the timeline, though. It said she came to see me and mine on April 14. It was April 21. I remember the day as if it were yesterday. I’d been to the doctor before I went to meet her bus. It was my due date and he said I wouldn’t be delivering that day but I wouldn’t be there for my next weekly visit, either. I met Mother, we shopped, went home. I fixed supper—burritos. At the supper table, I went into labor. DD was born that night.

When Cuz came over this evening, I showed her the clippings. It was nice of my sister to send them. She’s been cleaning out files and finding all sorts of treasure.

Cuz had quite a day yesterday. She sat down and told me all about it. She listed off all the things she hopes to accomplish during the time she’s here. I reminded her about the vent cap that’s off. I have to keep a bowl on the kitchen range to catch the water that makes its way in. She said she’s going to super glue the vent on. Actually, she plans to fasten it with screws.

Tonight, I opened my other important mail. There was a letter from the electric & water company saying my budget amount is being lowered to $193 a month from $207. I’m going to call Monday and ask for it to be left as it is. My last electric bill of the fiscal year came. The electric part of it is $85.18. The base rate for water is $25.47 and there’s tax on top of that. My credit balance was up to $405.65. I get it that they don’t want to have credit balances and would rather I’d break even but if there’s an especially hard winter, I could end up owing a wad of money next year. I’d rather stay with what I have currently budgeted and let it go at that.

Another week is gone. Two weeks from tomorrow, my younger granddaughter will be 14. Where DOES the time go?

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  1. Lila October 4, 2015 at 7:36 am #

    I’ve been seeing some of her clippings too. They do take one back, don’t they!

  2. Mary Jane October 4, 2015 at 3:33 pm #

    Glad you enjoyed the clippings. I did!

    The recipe was for someone at church, and I gave it to her.

    • Tommie October 4, 2015 at 4:53 pm #

      Thank you so much! I’m glad you didn’t have to mail the recipe. Postage is getting high enough that it could be a major expense.

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