Sunday, Sunday

To my amazement, I woke this morning to no rain and bright sunshine. It’s been that way all day. It would have been nearly perfect to go shopping since DD was at a writers’ conference and wouldn’t be calling. However, the doctor never gives me refills on my 90 day prescription for my thyroid med. When I called it in, of course it’s held up for a new scrip.

I was up ‘way too late last night for no good reason. Once I got to bed, I slept well. Then and the night before, I started out with more cover and was nice and warm. It does help not to be too cold. I like a cool room and a warm bed.

Next to nothing has been accomplished today. The black kitten/almost cat showed up. I knew Cuz or my CIL are feeding them but I gave it a bit of food. They’re all so hard to resist!

Cuz was gone most of the day. When I spied the truck, it was getting on toward late afternoon. I went ahead and locked the door when it got dark.

Well, I’ve done it now. I emailed the editor and asked about the first quarter 2016 manuscript. She thanked me for the reminder, then BCC’ed me on the email to her contact. Guess it will be back to work soon.

The week is supposed to be reasonably nice with not a raindrop in sight until Friday night. Of course, that could change half a dozen times between now and then.

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