IMHO, I have been underdosing with melatonin. Last night, out of curiosity (I do a lot of things out of curiosity), I doubled my usual dose of melatonin. It was still about 2/3 of the suggested dose. I slept well and this morning I woke feeling refreshed with no groggy feeling. If I continue to have the same results, I’ll have to declare my little experiment a success.

A woman who used to go to church where I do private messaged me on Facebook. The father of one of our members was being transferred to Atlanta to the burn unit. I learned he’d been clearing land and came in contact with a 14,000V line. The current went in through his right hand and out through his left little toe leaving him with fifth-degree burns though the burns on his body were minimal. There’s evidence of internal damage so the church is praying.

Town was on the agenda for today. It wasn’t that I wanted to go but I was down to one banana and juiced my last two oranges at breakfast.

The disappearance of my winter shoes has bugged me. I set out for Goodwill. I prayed that I’d be able to find something similar to them if it were the Lord’s will. It would be a plus if the shoes, themselves, were on the rack. When I got there, I looked and looked but didn’t find anything that I liked that was in my size. I’d scanned the rack of black shoes several times when I found just what I wanted.

Thom McAn

There was a “6” on the bottom and I didn’t know whether that was the size or the price. I looked for a size but didn’t find one. I tried one on and it was a bit roomy but I have insoles I can put in them. When I took them to the register, they were $3.99. They’re dusty but in good shape. I thanked the Lord.

The fuel indicator showed I was down to a quarter of a tank. That would get me a long way but I don’t like to have the needle go lower. When I stopped to fill up, the pumps were all in use and there was someone waiting. Since the used food store was right there, I figured I’d take a turn through and see what there might be. They had case upon case of Loma Linda Big Franks in #10 size cans (30 franks to a can) for $9.99 a can. I perused the freezer section but didn’t find anything interesting. I paid for my 59 cents each peas and green beans and left.

Back at the gas station, I paid at the pump and stuck my credit card in my pocket. My mileage was 37 mpg. Pretty good for mountain driving. 100% gasoline was $2.249 and it was nice to fill the tank for less than $20.

At Walmart, I gathered up all of my purchases except for Fordhook limas. I looked and looked for them and even had the lady in frozen foods looking for them but they weren’t there. She told me to buy some at Food City (formerly Bi-Lo), save the package and give them the bar code.

Going through the checkout, I price matched oranges for $2.49 a bag and pomegranates for 69 cents each. When the total came up, I reached into my little folder for my credit card and pulled out—my bank card. I keep them in a certain order with my credit card at the bottom and the bank card on top of that. Oh, yes! I’d put my credit card in my pocket. I reached into my pocket and it was empty. I felt like I’d been hit by a Mack truck. I went ahead and paid with my bank card and went to the car.

Going through my purse didn’t turn the card up. I looked on the floor of the car and in the cup holder where I’d put the receipt for the gas. Nothing. The only thing I could do was pray and go home to notify Discover. However, on the off chance that I’d dropped it at the gas station, I’d check there first.

Pulling in, I prayed one more time and went inside. The smiling man behind the counter greeted me. I asked if a credit card had been turned in. He asked what kind it was. I told him Discover. What was the name on the card? I told him. He asked for ID and I pulled out my folder with all of my cards. While I was opening it up, I told him the last four numbers. He handed it over and said he didn’t need the ID. He said an honest person had brought it in and then he wished me a good day. I told him it would be much better now. I’ll bet he would have been surprised if I’d launched into the “Doxology” but that’s how I felt.

I went to Food City and there were no Fordhooks. To let them know there are vegans in their midst, I bought some So Delicious Vanilla Bean ice cream and some other non-animal products. At the checkout, the girl scanned my bonus card and transferred the info to a Food City ValuCard. I don’t know quite how the points work but I have 12 of ’em now.

Two of the Catz and two of the Kittenz were clamoring for food when I got home so I fed them. They were occupied with eating while I unloaded the car.

It was late when I ate. After so much excitement, I wasn’t in the mood to wait very long so I heated up leftovers.

Seems no matter what I do, I get to bed later than I planned and that’s what’s happening again tonight. To say I’ve been blessed would be the understatement of the year.

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  1. Lila September 25, 2015 at 8:30 am #

    Rejoicing with you over the recovery of the lost card! I know the feeling.

  2. Mary Jane September 27, 2015 at 7:55 am #

    I know that feeling, too! I dropped mine once at the gas station, but discovered my Discover card missing before I pulled out, and found it on the pavement. Whew!

    • Tommie September 27, 2015 at 10:11 am #

      THAT was fortunate! The lack of mine made me miss out on forty-some cents cash back. 🙁

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