Two Auspicious Days

Yesterday was the 14th year since 9/11. Out of all the pictures that were posted, I think this one had the most impact for me. I’d seen the others so many times and that horror never wears off but this put a new slant on it.

It was a typical Friday. I’d failed to flip the mattress the week before so I left it as it was and will do it when the next first-of-the-month comes around. Just as I expected, I coughed my way through laundry and making the bed. Bending over after breakfast is not a good idea.

Catz were to feed and, of course, the neighbor cat showed up for what isn’t its share. I don’t know if it’s a male or female but whatever it is, it isn’t welcome. Two of the Kittenz came, too. I haven’t seen the third one for a long time, or the mama. That doesn’t mean they aren’t around, though.

I did some more research on reflux and happened to run across Stretta therapy. Now, THAT looks interesting. Even more so than the LINX surgery. Recovery is prolonged by having to eat a liquid/soft diet for weeks but it seems the pros would outweigh the cons. I’ll mention it to my ologist at the next visit.

Bedtime was earlier than most nights and I slept well. I had a few strange dreams that I don’t remember but that’s par for the course.

I woke at 6 o’clock but I couldn’t convince myself to get up and stay up. I snuggled back down and slept some more.

When I got up, I took time to call DS1 and sing Happy Birthday to him. Hard to think my baby boy is 51 years old.

There was no church at my church since there was a district meeting at the church in the valley. I considered not going and watching streaming here but I decided I’d make it for the main service if not Sabbath School.

Swooping down the mountain, I got there and parked in the last official parking place behind the building. Aiming for the front door, an old friend of my late sister pulled me off to one side and was quizzing me about my sisters. She was under the impression that we were all still living except for our sister who lived in the Great Northwest. I told her our oldest sister had preceded her.

Thinking that was it, I started to go inside but she pulled someone else over and told her she had known me since I was a baby. That’s a long time, folks.

The church was packed. I went over to the left side and started looking for a seat. All the vacant ones had purses and Bibles reserving them. Finally, I came to the fourth row back from the front and saw a couple I’ve known for, seemingly, forever. He motioned me to come sit even though there was a purse and bulletins on the pew.

Turns out the purse belonged to one of my friends who used to go to my church. She plays the piano beautifully and we used to play together for church. Her husband writes music and sings with a quartet. I was glad to see them and I think they were glad to see me.

I’d put my hearing aids in my purse but I was able to hear almost everything without them so I didn’t bother to put them in.

I saw several people from my church there plus lots more I know who attend elsewhere. The service was very long and I had to give up and go to the bathroom well before it was over. I guess it was close to 1 o’clock (not TT) when we sang the closing song. I’m pleased to report that I didn’t cough the whole time I was there.

On the way out, the friend who’d lost his wife in May stopped me to talk. He was telling me that his daughter cooks food for him and he freezes what he can’t eat, etc., etc. The crowd was moving on so I went with the flow and he followed behind. I was kind of halfway listening when he said something about a friend—a special friend. And then he said he was engaged. THAT was a surprise. He figured I knew her and her last name sounds familiar but no, I don’t know her.

Anyway, he said they’d moved fast and I believe he’s right. However, they don’t plan to get married until next summer so that’s a fairly long engagement. She lives on the mountain so I’m sure he makes the trip often to see her. I’m glad for him. He’s a nice person and took good care of his wife for the years she was ill.

While we were talking, Cuz’ sister (also a Cuz) came up and hugged me.

Rather than indulge in haystacks, I came on home and ate too much.

Ta Sue2One of my Facebook friends said the yearbooks are online for an academy I attended in my sophomore year. She gave me the link and I looked it up. I was really into wearing little curly horns on both sides of my forehead.

Is it meI sang in the choir and I remember one time when I was going down the steps from the stage after rehearsal. I had a mad crush on a boy and he was right behind me. My foot caught on the step and down I went. Those were the days when we wore full skirts with yards and yards of crinoline petticoats. I don’t know for sure, but I was convinced my skirt came up over my head. Who knows? We didn’t have video cameras back then and I’m so glad.

Not long after the picture of the triple trio was taken, I had to drop out because I’d collapsed from exhaustion. Mother had taken me to the doctor (who was also my brother-in-law). He had decreed that I was to limit my activities to classes and homework. Because I quit the choir and triple trio, instead of a “W”, the director gave me an “F”. That was the only one I ever got in all my school years. Mother was livid. I thought it was sorta funny.

Triple Trio

BTW, I’m the first person to the right of the one in the middle.

That concludes the walk down memory lane. The man-who-is-engaged was a senior the same year. His brother graduated that year, too. We go back a long way.

I didn’t take time to make my bed this morning so it’s all ready to crawl into tonight except I’ll have to adjust it. I should have left it as it was when I got up. It will be a good night for sleeping. The outside temperature is 55 degrees. Fall is on the way.

4 Responses to Two Auspicious Days

  1. Lila September 13, 2015 at 8:44 am #

    I hadn’t seen the picture of the firefighters’ gear before. And to think, they were a small fraction of the loss of lives! I can’t even comprehend it.

    That F was unfair! I don’t blame Mother for being livid.

    • Tommie September 13, 2015 at 10:25 am #

      That picture has impact.

      I was upset at first but then it was kind of “Oh, well.” I guess I could have taken it up with the principal but I didn’t. It’s still on my “permanent record”.

  2. Mary Jane September 14, 2015 at 1:54 pm #

    A doctor’s order should have been enough for a W instead of an F, although I guess it hasn’t impacted you too much!

    • Tommie September 14, 2015 at 3:17 pm #

      My life might have been different. We’ll never know.

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