The Visit

After a very late night (or early, depending on the way you look at it) I woke at a reasonable hour and took my morning meds. Then I crawled back under the covers and went to sleep. I slept, as my mother would say, until my mind changed and then I got up.

My fingernails are getting unmanageable again. If I had the wherewithal to do with, I would get them professionally manicured but that isn’t in the budget. I’ll have to suck it up and do it myself.

Today has been cloudy and gloomy with smatterings of rain. It finally got serious with thunder and lightning. It rained pretty hard for long enough to drench everything and then settled down to a slow, gentle shower.

A fellow called and identified himself as being with Matrix, the company that handles home visits for Humana. They’ve called many times before and I’ve put ’em off but he caught me in a better mood today. In the beginning, he made small talk and wanted to know what the weather was like. I gave him a report plus a forecast. He wanted to send a nurse practitioner to see me so I said okay. He set up an appointment for one day next week in the afternoon. The window is 12-5 (I loathe “windows”). He assured me I’d get another call with a more specific time before the day arrives.

I had a doozy of a coughing spell today that about wore me out. I do wish Reglan didn’t have such horrendous side effects because I hardly coughed at all when I was taking it.

It was back to feeding the Catz today. I only saw two of the adults and there were two Kittenz. I hope there’s enough food to do until I get to town or Cuz brings me a new supply.

The hour grows late and my fingernails are making it hard to type so I’ll cease and desist.

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