Where Do I Start?

Today was B12 day but nothing happened. I guess my nurse friend is waiting for me to make the first move. I waited but didn’t get all the paraphernalia out. If I don’t hear anything by a reasonable time tomorrow, I’ll do it myself. Since it takes her time, energy and gas to come over here, I feel like I’m imposing to ask her.

I’d gotten up later than I’d planned. Before I ate breakfast, I unloaded the dishwasher. Best to do that before I have food in my stomach.

After breakfast, I decided I would take my last 2.5 ripe avocados and make some mousse. I didn’t eat a serving of it then but what I did might have amounted to one. I licked the bowl scraper and ate what was left in the blender container. It turned out to be quite a bit.

The gumbo went into four pint containers and is currently resting in the freezer. I also put one of the quart bags of okra in there. There’s no way I can eat it all.

DS1 eventually confirmed that his wish list was updated. I’ve ordered something for his birthday. It will arrive before The Day but that’s okay. I wish I could do more but with bills staring me in the face, I’m not being quite as free with my funds. I have no idea what the plans are for the Birthday Boy. I’ve always tried to be there for him on his birthday but nothing has been said this year. Maybe it matters more to me than to anyone else.

Cuz came over for a very short visit. She and my CIL had been working on replacing some siding on their house. She said she was tired and it’s no wonder. She goes and goes until she wears herself out.

I’m leaving the light on in the kitchen 24/7 since it’s getting balky about coming on. Cuz promised to make that a priority when she has the time. I don’t know when that will be. She’s going to be pretty busy for the immediate future.

The second enormous mango was peeled and eaten. I think it could have stood another day but it was too late once the knife went in. I’ve been known to say I would love to eat a football sized mango all by myself. I’m amending that to say I’d like to eat a football sized GOOD mango. This one was okay but I’ve had better.

Corn was a quarter an ear at Walmart yesterday. I got three ears. I roasted one in the oven today and it wasn’t delicious. I took a bite and cut the rest of it off the cob. I ate about half of that and composted the other half. The other two ears won’t be roasted on the cob. I might be able to redeem it by cutting it off and cooking it that way.

Well, Labor Day is over. There were fireworks postponed from the rainy 4th at the university tonight. I wasn’t there to see them and that’s okay. We’ll see what happens next year.

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