Hit with a Quadruple Whammy

Months ago, I had set up automatic payments for my durable medical equipment (hospital bed and O2). When an email came today saying that I owed more than $125, it was a complete shock. I called the company and got a very soft-spoken person. It was embarrassing to have to keep telling her I couldn’t hear what she was saying.

From what I could gather, only the first online payment had posted. After that, nothing showed up. Exactly two payments out of six have been processed leaving four outstanding. They aren’t that much when the payments are made monthly but it can be a nice chunk of change for four months at once. The rep is sending me an itemized statement so I’ll take that and compare it to what Humana has as my part.

In the meantime, there’s no use stewing about it. From what I can see, what they’re charging me is just a bit more than my copay is supposed to be. I’ll get it ironed out. It will take time but I have more of that than money.

Speaking of time and money, I took some time today to compose an email to Humana about their denial of my hospital stay. When that’s resolved, I’ll be billed for my part and it would be nice if it just rode along until Patient Accounts finally got tired of that piddling amount and wrote it off. However, to be perfectly honest, I’m supposed to pay it. I’m not supposed to do the followup for the hospital but I have plenty of experience dealing with insurance companies. Here’s what I wrote;

At Health Matters Hospital [not its real name], I was in an observation bed from 02/23/2015 to 02/24/2015. That claim number 12345 was processed and paid on 03/19/2015 with a $100 copay.

On 02/24/2015, I was transferred to acute where I stayed until 02/28/2015. That claim number 56789 was denied for no authorization on 03/26/2015. The $550 copay should have been applied to this stay.

On 02/28/2015, I was discharged and admitted to skilled nursing (swing bed). I was discharged home on 03/03/2015. That claim number 24680 was processed incorrectly and paid on 03/23/2015. The inpatient copay was applied to this account when there shouldn’t be a balance left.

The 02/24/2015 claim number 56789 authorization is 071697659.

The 02/28/2015 claim number 24680 authorization is 071832356.

Please process and pay the above claims correctly. Even though paying the copay will be a financial hardship, it is my responsibility. Until this is straightened out, Patient Accounting will not balance bill me.

It will take some time for Customer Service to sort that out. I have done my part. The rest is up to Humana and Patient Accounting.

Cuz came over in the late morning. She made sure of when my next appointment is with an ologist and put it on the calendar on her phone.

My nurse friend sent me a private message on Facebook wanting to know how my shot went yesterday. I told her I didn’t do it. She offered to come over and shoot me so I took her up on it. She’d been out mowing. It was good to see her and I marveled, once again, at her steady hand as she drew up the B12.

She was telling me about her granddaughter learning to live the college life plus working part time. Seems she is homesick even though she has a decent apartment in a quiet section of town. To her, though, it’s noisy. It’s nothing like the country.

I told her I’d been investigating. I can get B12 online for much less than what I’m paying at the pharmacy. The expiration date is February 2017 but the vials would last longer than that. I’ve been told by two different doctors that expiration dates don’t mean anything and that it would be okay to use it even if it was technically expired. She pretty much agreed. Expiration dates are there because they have to be.

After she left, I set about getting my meal together. I shucked the two ears of corn and wondered if it was worth fooling with. I cut it off, scraped the cobs and put it all in a hot skillet with a little oil. Pouring some water mixed with salt and a bit of evaporated cane juice, I proceeded to fix it like Mother did. It took forever to caramelize and get that good crusty bottom but when it did, YUM! I steamed some okra and heated up my squash with onion.

The phone rang while I was eating. It was DS1. When I called him back, he said he’d dialed my number by accident. We ended up talking for 45 minutes, anyway. It was nice. We hadn’t had a long chat like that in, like, forever.

With everything else that’s been going on, I haven’t gotten much done around the house. I’m sure it will be there tomorrow. I think my little elves have gone on strike.

6 Responses to Hit with a Quadruple Whammy

  1. Lila September 9, 2015 at 9:01 am #

    You may know more about handling insurance claims than the people you’re corresponding with! Does your B12 nurse live nearby? She’s handy to have around!

    • Tommie September 9, 2015 at 11:39 am #

      She does. She lives on the mountain between here and there.

  2. Mary Jane September 9, 2015 at 10:29 am #

    It’s a good thing you understand hospital and doctor billings and can deal with them.

    I’ve never been able to cook the corn the way Mother did, and she felt like she could never do it the way her mother did it! Glad you got it done.

    I need some little elves here, too! I could give them a lot of things to do.

    • Tommie September 9, 2015 at 11:38 am #

      I had plenty of experience with both the insurance dealing and corn fixing. Mother had me doing the latter when I was still in single digits.

      You were offered an elf and turned it down!

  3. Mary Jane September 9, 2015 at 8:42 pm #

    But that elf would have had strings attached! I didn’t want a Marionette.

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