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It was another cool night. I’ve spent the last three under Mother’s little down comforter. She was always concerned if her children were cold. I remember her warming my clothes in front of the heater before she’d put them on me on a wintry morning. I’d like to think she’d be pleased that her little comforter is keeping me comfy at night.

I don’t think there will be a problem of being too cool tonight. It’s up to 77 in here now. I just turned on the EcoBreeze to bring in some of that 64 degree air.

This morning, I took the bull by the horns and called the gastroenterologist’s office. I was put through to his nurse right away. When I asked her about the results of my biopsies, she had no problem reading them off to me. There was no cancer or bacteria. The polyp was benign. It wasn’t possible for him to get it all so there’s a possibility that he’ll want a surgeon to remove it. I do have evidence of chronic gastritis. The doctor will go over the report at my next appointment.

Now. If the polyp is benign and isn’t apt to cause any problems, I’m of the opinion that it would be best left alone. I looked up causes of chronic gastritis and one is pernicious anemia. Sounds like that could be it.

Another thing I did was call about my Healthlink card. It will take six to eight weeks for my new one to arrive so I’m to use the expired one in the meantime. The ones that are being issued now have no expiration date which makes sense. I’ve wondered why they went to the expense to have new cards made, anyway. They’re all about cutting cost.

Two denials from Humana arrived in the mail. One was for my first visit to the rheumatologist. It was billed as a consult and Medicare doesn’t cover such. The other was for the anesthesia administered when I had my endoscopy. It shouldn’t have been billed as a separate service. In both cases, it was stressed that I’m not liable for anything except the $30 co-pay for the office visit.

The garden is about gone. I picked an almost ripe tomato that had been invaded. By the time I cut the affected parts out, I still had enough for a little addition to my evening meal. The other day, I picked what appeared to be a pretty decent ripe tomato. It seemed awfully light for the size. When I turned it over, something had eaten into the bottom and just about hollowed out the whole thing. I threw it away. There was nothing left to salvage.

Cuz was over a couple of times today. She’d been up to the other place to mow and gather okra. She didn’t offer me any of the latter. I guess she didn’t get much. She found three of the kittens, dead. I’m sure she had some burying to do. That’s sad but she really didn’t need more cats. The mama cat and one kitten are left.

Another week is almost gone. Tomorrow will be Friday. I got the bulletin file today and it’s littered with “TBA”. I emailed the speaker and asked for him to fill it in and send it back but I’ve heard nothing. I don’t like going into the church service blind. Maybe my authorization to pick the hymns still stands?

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  1. Lila August 28, 2015 at 8:05 am #

    So glad for the good report on your biopsy.

    • Tommie August 28, 2015 at 9:27 am #

      Thanks. Me, too. 🙂

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