The chocolate ice cream was et too late yesterday. I was awake until almost 3 o’clock. I don’t do too well when I don’t get my sleep. I’ve been pretty much worthless today. I didn’t even wake until around 9. It was cloudy and raining and really WAS good sleeping weather.

DD had emailed this morning that they were in Seattle and would it be okay for her to call this afternoon? Sure. I wasn’t planning on going anywhere. I needed to go buy fruit but my late night kind of put the kibosh on that.

Cuz came over when I was getting ready to plow into some grits with cashew gravy and avocado. I planned to drizzle Tiger Sauce over the whole thing but that just made it less appealing to her.

I’d made up my mind not to let the day go by without getting printer sharing set up. I was in the bedroom working on it when the phone rang. It was my academy roommate. We talked for just about half an hour. I told her what I’d been doing and she had every confidence that I’d be successful.

After we hung up, I started in again. The instructions I’d printed off were very detailed and seemed to be more complicated than they should be. I googled some more and found some simple directions and had ‘er done in a matter of minutes. I did a couple of test runs (after I replaced the yellow print cartridge) and it works like a charm.

Cuz came back over and told me about her day yesterday. She’d worked herself to a frazzle and made her touchy shoulder flare up. She hadn’t come over because she was in bed by 6 (that’s 5 TT). She was feeling better today.

I’d had my second meal of the day and was getting ready to eat some crackers (seems if I do that, my reflux isn’t as bad) when the phone rang and it was DD. They’d been to look at cars (her SO’s main passion). Seems he’s settled on one and is trading in his two cars on it. That will cut down on the number of parking spaces they’ll require and cut out the extra $50 a month to rent the third. That’s a pretty good chunk of change there. After most of an hour, we’d said all there was to say.

My nurse friend messaged me that she will be out of pocket most of the day tomorrow. I told her no problem. My tremor is manageable enough that I can self-inflict my B12.

The late night is telling on me. That hospital bed is looking pretty good about now. It’s time.

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  1. Lila August 24, 2015 at 7:37 am #

    I thought DD lives in Seattle. If not, where? Have I missed something?

    • Tommie August 24, 2015 at 10:08 am #

      She still lives in the area but not in Seattle, per se.

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