The Next Day

The blog post was almost ready to be published last night when I saw, for the umpteenth time, that there were five updates. The aggravating thing was, there really weren’t. I went to the update page and there was a notice that I needed to update WordPress. Okay. I’d saved my post as a draft. Let’s go for it.

I clicked the button to update and it went through the usual downloading and unpacking and then it stopped. It just sat there. When I tried to migrate away, there was a blank screen and then the one saying the site was temporarily down for maintenance. Oh, joy. I googled WordPress 4.3 and found that I wasn’t the only one who was having problems. It was hanging up in maintenance mode.

Email to the rescue! I sent a message to merm and she said she’d have the server guys look at it. I waited around until almost midnight and went to bed. Lying there, I heard the clock chime 12 o’clock.

This morning, it was obvious that Windows 10 had updated in the night. I checked the blog and it was back to normal! Thank you, merm, and praise the Lord!

It’s rained off and on today with sunshine and clouds playing tag. I need to go to town but I didn’t feel up to it after my short night. There’s still plenty to eat in the house.

Cuz came over a couple of times. She’s been puttering around outside and got rained on once when she refused to go inside during one of the brief showers. She’d fed the Catz but that didn’t stop one of them from coming over here and begging.

The dishwasher had run night before last but I failed to unload it yesterday morning because I’d gone ahead with breakfast. I daren’t unload it with a full stomach or I’ll surely start coughing. So…breakfast was late because I took care of it today.

I mustn’t have another late night tonight. One at a time is about all I can handle.

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