Just Checking In

Yesterday was busy. Along with my usual Friday chores, I had to go to town (again) to pick up a prescription. I had a few nights’ worth left of my doxepin but I don’t like to push it. Who knows what might happen to keep me from getting it if I were to run out?

Cuz came over a couple of times. I saw her outside once and we inspected the tomatoes. The ones that are unprotected from the sun are cooked on the top. I guess I should pull those off and throw them away. There aren’t any ripe ones except for cherry tomatoes that aren’t very tasty.

Once when Cuz came over, she took the compost bucket out. It was in danger of overflowing. She washed it out well and left it on the deck to dry. It never completely dried but it was good enough to bring in.

While I was in town, I got some more donut peaches. I had given three to Cuz—one each—but I don’t know if they’d tried them yet. They were already very ripe so they need to get et.

The 127 Yard Sale was underway and people who live on “my” highway seem to think they are on 127, too—which they aren’t. It makes for some interesting driving between the vehicles parked on both sides of the two lanes.

I talked to the nurse at the pulmonologist’s office twice yesterday. First time, she passed along the question from the doctor wanting to know if I’d checked with insurance about covering the cost of the meds. I told her I didn’t have Part D. After we hung up, I got curious so I looked up what my out of pocket would be if I did have it. If I kept the insurance I have, it would be $110,000+. If I switched to another overall more expensive plan, it would be $11,000. Neither one would be doable. The next time I talked to her, I told her. She was shocked. Her message to me was that the doctor was going to talk to my PCP and everything except my next PFT is on hold.

While I was on the phone with her, someone else was trying to ring through. It was a financial counselor letting me know that my co-pay for the endoscopy will be $95. Isn’t it nice I’m made of money?

DS1 called to wish me a happy anniversary a day late. He wanted to let me know he’s upgraded his computer to Windows 10 and is very happy with it. He’s also lost some weight and his A1C has dropped by three points. We talked for almost 20 minutes. It was nice to hear from the boy.

This morning, I was up in plenty of time to get ready for church. It looked cloudy but when I checked WeatherBug, nothing showed up so I didn’t take my umbrella with me.

The lesson study was on Esther which is one of my favorite books in the Bible. I was really looking forward to an in depth discussion but it was only lightly touched on. The teacher, instead, concentrated on other areas including the woman at the well. I left during the closing song after the church service and came home to get my Esther “fix” on Sabbath School Study. It’s very interesting. It would be nice if the teachers would utilize it.

As usual, I ate too much since I was very hungry. I’d bought a couple of slicing tomatoes at Walmart and was gratified that the one I made into a sandwich was the nicest tomato I’ve had all summer. It was extra juicy and lush.

I watched a couple of Veggie Tales videos I’d never seen and waited for Cuz to come over. She’d wanted me to go with her to visit a friend who has been in and out of the hospital. We have both known him for years. He may not have been home, though. Today is his 82nd birthday.

Tomorrow starts another week. They surely do come and go quickly. And now it’s time to close.

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  1. Mary Jane August 9, 2015 at 5:33 pm #

    Sorry you didn’t have a good discussion on Esther. We did, and there were interesting questions that remained unanswered because we ran out of time before we got through.

    • Tommie August 9, 2015 at 5:47 pm #

      One thing that came up on the online discussion was that some scholars believe that Vashti was to parade in front of the celebrants wearing nothing but the royal crown. If that’s true, she can’t be blamed for saying no.

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