Last night was hot and steamy. The air conditioner had been on because it was still putting out a dribble of cool air but it was doing little to no good. I turned it off before I went to bed.

I tossed and turned until it cooled down somewhat around the 2 o’clock mark. That’s when I went to sleep and slept until it was time to get up and take my morning meds. I was still out of it so I went back to bed and slept until almost 10.

The a/c had been off for hours and hours so I decided I’d turn it on and see what happened. My nurse friend told me their window unit would sometimes freeze up and quit but once it was turned off and thawed, it would work again. When I turned the dial, it groaned to life, something sounded like it broke loose and it started putting out cool air—lots of it.

After it was installed, I quit eating at the dining table because it was too cool. When it decided to take a vacation, the air didn’t reach the end of the table where I usually sat. By that time, I was in the habit of eating in the kitchen and didn’t go back. Now, the cool air reaches well beyond the end of the dining table.

I haven’t sweated at all today. The temperature has gotten up to 84 but the humidity dropped from 67% to what is currently 56%. It’s 81 degrees and comfortable.

My sister said my nephew’s tomato crop has started dwindling. It’s the same here. The cherry tomatoes are still out there but a lot of them are soft. I didn’t eat any of the regular tomatoes today and the cherries weren’t delicious. I’m sure I can buy tomatoes from the irrigated fields but it’s been nice having a supply not far from my front door.

The day is done and so am I. The Catz have been fed and I haven’t seen the neighbor cat around at all. I’m hoping tonight will be a good one, sleep-wise. Over and out.

4 Responses to Healed?

  1. Lila July 31, 2015 at 8:20 am #

    My night was better; hope yours was!

    • Tommie July 31, 2015 at 9:47 am #

      It was! Nice and cool!

  2. Mary Jane July 31, 2015 at 9:07 am #

    Hooray for the air conditioner! Maybe it just needed a rest.

    • Tommie July 31, 2015 at 9:48 am #

      I think it was iced up and needed to thaw. I’ll know what to do if it happens again.

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