Shorter Days

I, along with my sister, can tell that the days are getting shorter. I don’t have DST to contend with, which she does, but the longer nights mean the air has more time to cool down. A plus with the cooling situation I have (or don’t have).

She (my sister) wishes DST had never come into being. Long, long ago, Benjamin Franklin wrote a satirical piece entitled “An Economical Project” which, I guess, Hitler later thought to be full of good ideas. Daylight Saving Time was born. It was after it was adopted by some other European countries that the good old US of A followed suit. And here we are, still muddling through. Now, don’t take this as a definitive history. It’s a rough outline, at best. Google it for yourself if you want the whole story.

Yesterday, I did my Friday chores. My CIL brought a bag of cat food as promised. It’s a good thing. I emptied the other one today.

Even though I had a good night’s sleep last night, I didn’t want to get up this morning. I made myself do it, though, and was almost ready to walk out the door when my right hearing aid gave me the “doodle dee do” that signals the downhill slide of the battery. I went ahead and replaced both of them and got to the church close to the beginning of song service.

My head was swimming with contributions to the lesson discussion but I sat mute, as usual. It was on Jonah and I can’t blame him for not wanting to go to Ninevah. The inhabitants were prone to impaling their visitors after torturing them otherwise. They were probably impressed with Jonah being vomited out by a large fish since they worshipped Dagon, the half-man, half-fish god.

Today was Communion. My partner was one of Cuz’ childhood friends. She came and sat with me during the bread and “wine” part of the service, too. I kept telling myself to use my right hand and managed not to spill.

There was a fellowship meal with vegan options but I had vegan options at home so that’s where I landed. Cuz’ twin brother was here mowing their lawn. I don’t know how long he stayed but he was gone when I went out to munch some cherry tomatoes warm from the sun. There was another tomato that had fallen off the vine and a ripe one I’d missed before. When I got in the house, I washed and peeled the ripe one and ate it.

Lunch was gumbo (this time with filé). I added rice to it and toasted up a slice of bread for smashed avocado. It was a filling meal.

The Catz and Kittenz were fed in shifts. I ran the neighbor cat off several times. The striped kitten hadn’t shown up yesterday and the black one was missing today. Strange. The striped one is still trying to nurse. I don’t know when Six will put a stop to it but maybe she won’t go into heat as long as she’s lactating.

It’s 71 outside and 10 degrees warmer inside. The weather station shows a trend from rain to cloudy. I didn’t know it was supposed to be raining and the sun was out full force today. Weatherbug doesn’t show rain until Monday. Guess I’ll just have to hide and watch and see what happens.

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  1. Lila July 26, 2015 at 1:27 pm #

    Interesting comments about Jonah! Too bad you didn’t get to share them.

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