Last night was a good night for sleeping. It was cool enough in here that I was able to sleep under the sheet and a blanket. I should be able to do the same thing tonight. It’s 80 inside right now but cooling off. Outside is just under 70.

I’ve been wanting to make gumbo but haven’t had all the ingredients for it. No matter. I’d do what I could with what I had. When I checked the tomato plant today, there were three ripe ones that had fallen off. They were still good so I added them to the five I had in a bowl on the counter. I washed a pint of cherry tomatoes and blended them. A chopped onion and a large clove of garlic were sweated off in some Earth Balance. I added the liquified cherry tomatoes, scalded, peeled and chopped five tomatoes and pulverized some celery seed (no usable celery in the fridge) with the mortar and pestle. I cut up and added the rest of the okra. It’s seldom that I cook with black pepper but gumbo isn’t gumbo without it. I also added some Aunt Cora’s Hot ‘n Sassy spice blend. Kala namak rounded it out. Try as I might, I couldn’t find any filé in the spice drawers. It will be coming in via UPS tomorrow so I’ll add some as I warm it up. Tomatoes are a food that contain a goodly amount of umami and boy! is that gumbo good!

Hoping the squash I’d spied the other day was ready to pick, I went looking. It was a disappointment to find that something had chowed down on it and all that was left was the stem. There are several blooms but whether they are male or female, I don’t know.

All five Catz showed up at one time or another today but only two of the three Kittenz. Of course the neighbor cat was lurking and trying to horn in on the provender.

It’s been cloudy much of the day and late this evening, it started pouring rain. Not long after, thunder and lightning got in on the act, too.

I’ve texted back and forth with both DS1 and Cuz. My CIL is supposed to bring some cat food tomorrow. I certainly hope so. It’s getting very low.

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