Ding Dong! The Beep Is Dead.

There wasn’t any noise when I got up this morning. Could it be? I opened the bedroom door just in time to hear, “Beep, beep!” The noise of the fan had covered it up.

After I did my body test, I went out and got the sensor. Unscrewing the back, I took it off and emptied it of its batteries. No more beeping. I put one of the main units back in the kitchen. Now I have two indoor thermometers that don’t have outdoor channels. And I have peace and quiet.

Cuz called wanting to know which appointment I’d rescheduled. I could have sworn I told her it was tomorrow’s but maybe not.

Thunderstorms had been predicted but the day had dawned bright and sunny. I was out of a lot things I needed so I took a bath, got dressed and went to town. The gas gauge was down to 1/4 tank so I filled it up. Mileage has dropped to 35 mpg. I went on to Walmart. For a wonder, I didn’t see a soul I knew.

On the way through the checkout, the blueberries that were marked $1.75 rang up at $2.44. I let the cashier know and found that the price was right for that brand (Welch’s) but since they had been mixed in with the others, I would get them for $1.75. Guess it’s good to speak up.

I’d taken two bags with me. Should have taken more because they were a bit on the heavy side. When I got home, I got everything in and put away and that was the main thing.

Catz and Kittenz were to feed and the neighbor cat showed up, as well. I stood at the door and made sure NC didn’t horn in.

When I started fixing my meal, it clouded up and here came the promised rain. The cap is off the vent in the kitchen again and it was leaking. I put an old pan under the leak so it wouldn’t run all over the stove. At one point, it got as dark as night and lightning was striking somewhere close. There would be a lightning bolt and the clap of thunder followed immediately. I looked it up on Wundermap and it’s a huge system. It’s backed off for now but, unless it dissipates, there will be more to follow.

It was 80 degrees in here when I went to bed last night. In spite of that, I had to pull the blanket over me during the night. It’s 78 now so I should sleep even better. What can I expect? It IS July.

4 Responses to Ding Dong! The Beep Is Dead.

  1. Mary Jane July 15, 2015 at 12:01 pm #

    Glad you could silence the beeper! And get a bargain on the blueberries!! .

    • Tommie July 15, 2015 at 12:04 pm #

      Since I took the batteries out, there are tiny tiny ants on the table. I wonder if they could have been the interference.

  2. Lila July 15, 2015 at 9:23 pm #

    It is so good to know that you are so far on the road to recovery, if not already there, that you are able to go shopping and do the other necessary things the way you did before you were so sick. That’s really something to be thankful for!

    • Tommie July 15, 2015 at 9:33 pm #

      It does help since I don’t have a personal shopper.

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