When I was getting ready for bed, it occurred to me that I had shorted myself by 16 ozzies of water. I wasn’t going to drink it that late but I paid for it this morning. For the first time in a long time, I got a cramp in one of my feet. Thankfully, it went away soon and everything was okay.

After I took my morning meds, I thought I didn’t want to stay up so I went back to bed and didn’t wake again for a couple of hours. Lazy, I reckon but the rainy weather took the starch out of me! Later in the day, it cleared off to beautiful sunshine.

When I did make it out of bed to stay, I opened the front door and was greeted by a couple of Catz. I closed it again because all I had to offer them were two cans of food which would have been ‘way too little for the tribe that would’ve joined them. I figured I’d go over to Cuz’ house mid-afternoon and feed them in the garage if I had to.

DD called before 1. I was in the bathroom and couldn’t make it to the phone before it went to voice mail. I called her back and we talked for something like 45 minutes. During that time, someone was trying to ring through. I looked out and there was a vehicle next door. We had given each other all of the news we had to share so we hung up and I tried to call the house but couldn’t get through so I texted.

Presently, I got a text message back and later, Cuz walked in the door. They’ll be here for a couple of days so I don’t have to be concerned with feeding Catz and Kittenz. We visited for a little while and then she went home for supper. A couple minutes later, she came back in bearing a bag with summer squash in it.

For me, I had squash stewed with onion, broccoli, noodles with Chai Pow Yu and some cherry tomatoes. Good summer eating!

Later, she came back over for another visit and to pick my brain about putting pictures on a disk. We visited some more and then she locked me in for the night.

I’ve been in a housecoat all day. However, not the same one. I changed from one to the other. It has been just a bit too chilly for Mother’s dresses and not cold enough for my loungewear. Strange weather for July.

It’s getting on toward bedtime. My sleeping in hasn’t taken the edge off and I’m still yawning. Guess the extra time was something I needed.

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